A case of black tonsil stones
The weird dark brown/black tonsil stones. What do these dark spots indicate?

What everyone knows are the regular tonsil stones, which are white or pale yellow in color. But strangely the black tonsil stones came into limelight. Are you completely confused with questions like – What are these black spots? Why are my tonsil stones brownish-black unlike everyone else? Do they represent some complications? Don’t worry, today I’ll […]

is feeling of something stuck maketonsil stones so bad
Key Difference Between Tonsil Stones And tonsillitis…Don’t get confused

When you see a white lump or some white thing on tonsil, you start worrying. Each individual person starts saying different things.. One friend say “It’s tonsillitis” Another one say “It’s tonsil stones” Some others say “It’s just because of cold”. Listening to all these, you often get confused. You can’t even stick to one […]