Are tonsil stones and Tonsillitis getting contagious? Is it a Big Myth?


This is one of the biggest fears that often worry people who are affected by tonsil problems..

Whatever may be your problem… Tonsil stones or tonsillitis or some other, you often bother about its contagious nature.

Though we get affected, we don’t want our loved ones be affected. Right?

So,Now you need to know the cause…

First of all you must know the cause of these tonsil problems in order understand whether they are contagious are not…

So, first coming to the tonsil stones. I’ll explain you the process of forming Tonsil stones. Initially the food particles what you eat, gets stuck on your tonsils. Slowly the bacteria in the mouth and other foreign objects start acting on this stuck up particle. Thus the saliva and bacteria starts breaking the food particles. As days pass by, a small calcified stones starts developing on your tonsil. These stones are nothing but the Tonsil stones. See True Pictures of Tonsil Stones

contagious tonsil stones exist?

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Is Tonsil Stones contagious?


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So coming to the point.. Is tonsil stones contagious?

So you need to note few points –

  • Tonsil stones is mainly caused by food particles stuck on tonsils
  • Bacteria is not the cause for the start of tonsil stones

So here you get the answer from these two points…

When a person is close with the another one with tonsil stones, it results in the spread of bacteria but not the tonsil stone. The tonsil stone is basically stuck up food particle on your tonsil. So how can it get transmitted to another person?

So when a person kiss a person with tonsil stones or uses utensils of affected person , there is no much problem. This is because, it may only result in spread of some bacteria. This bacteria can’t do anything in the other mouth as no particle is stuck on the tonsil for the bacteria to act. So the next time he/she brush, the bacteria too gets killed. See 5 Foods that kill all the bacteria in mouth

So in simple, Tonsil stones is not contagious. It may spread only few bacteria which too cannot affect the new person having good oral Hygiene.

Thus the answer for the question –

Is tonsil stones contagious?

The Answer is simply..NO

Common Misconceptions about tonsil stones and tonsillitis

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Next coming to tonsillitis..

Again you need to understand the cause of this tonsillitis in order to understand its infectious or contagious nature..

Tonsillitis is no way related to food particles you eat. It can be simply defined as the inflammation of your tonsils. In the tonsillitis, the viruses and bacteria gets accumulated on your tonsils. It can be any virus like the common cold virus, which gradually gets accumulated on the tonsils. This accumulation of virus slowly starts affecting your tonsils by infecting them. As the days pass by, the infection develops, resulting in the swelling of tonsils and also pus formation. See step by step procedure to treat pus on Tonsils

This condition is called as Tonsillitis.

is tonsillitis getting contagious

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Is Tonsillitis contagious?

So, again you need to note few points –

  • Tonsillitis is caused by virus infecting Tonsils
  • This virus directly acts upon Tonsils and doesn’t need any object like food particles.

So by kissing a person with tonsillitis or by using the feeding utensils of that person it results in following..

Thus by kissing or using feeding utensils, the virus or bacteria of the infected person enters the mouth of the new person. As this virus can directly attack on your tonsil, it settles in the new person’s tonsils. It again starts its process of infecting the tonsil thus causing tonsillitis eventually.

This in simple, we can say that tonsillitis is definitely contagious.

Thus the answers for the most common questions –

Is tonsillitis contagious through kissing?

The answer is a big Yes..

Is tonsillitis contagious to someone without tonsils?

The answer is No..

Is tonsillitis contagious through air?

The answer is partial Yes.. i.e when the person sneezes or coughs and the droplets come out.

So if it’s the case of tonsil stones you need not worry about spreading of the problem. But If it’s the case of tonsillitis, you must take proper measures so that it doesn’t spread to your loved ones…


Tonsil stones look as a simple stone on your tonsil.

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