5 Actual Reasons Why You Have One Tonsil Bigger than Other

5 Actual Reasons Why You Have One Tonsil Bigger than Other

It is worrying to see one of your tonsils relatively bigger than the other..

What is even scarier is that everyone across the web bombarding that it could be a sign of cancer..

So is this actually true? Is cancer the only cause of for one’s bigger tonsils? If not cancer then why do you have one tonsil bigger than other? What are the actual practical causes, if a person has one tonsil looking larger than the other one?

First of all, What are the Tonsils? And why do we have them?

Tonsils are one of the peculiar glands that are present at the back of one’s throat. Although many think them to be useless glands, they are an important part of one’s immune system.

The tonsils present on one’s throat, protect bacteria, viruses, and many other microbes from directly entering one’s inner body. Without them, all the pathogens would directly enter one’s body causing a variety of viral infections. If not why do you think, people who remove their tonsils are more affected by infections, when compared to other normal people. See Should I get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

5 Reasons why you have one Tonsil bigger than other:

So, coming to the main point..

Why is one of your tonsil bigger in size than the other?

1. It could be one of your swollen lymph nodes:

swollen lymph nodes causing one tonsil to look biggerImage:myhealth.alberta

One of the common possibility, why your tonsils look asymmetric, can be due to your swollen lymph nodes. In general, there are a number of sets of lymph nodes throughout one’s body. Among them, the lymphatic system at the neck includes the adenoids, tonsils and the other things.

Now, whatever may be the reason, if the nodes in the lymphoid tissues get swollen, it results in one of your tonsils to look swollen and bigger than the other (based on the side of your swelling). So, if one of your tonsils are looking swollen and bigger, then it could actually be your lymph glands which are swollen.

On the other hand, swollen lymph glands are a common problem in many people for which you need not worry much.

2. It could be right from your birth:

one tonsil larger than the other for years

We are humans, and each person is unique from the other. There are many people, whose hands are of not the same length. For some, the size of each tes*icle is different. This is what we call as the natural variate in humans.

So, the same applies for the tonsils too. Millions of people are born with tonsils of different sizes, right from their birth. For them, It is completely normal to have one tonsil bigger than the other and does not indicate any abnormality.

Moreover, for some people, one of their tonsils are pushed inside the oropharynx which makes the other tonsil look bigger. See Tonsillar Hypertrophy: 5 Things you should know about enlarged tonsils

3. It could be a Tonsil infection:

one tonsil bigger than other sore throat

This is another common reason why a person has one tonsil bigger than the other. I have already told that tonsils play an important role in stopping bacteria, and other microbes from entering one’s deeper body. Thus as a result of stopping these microbes, they are regularly prone to accumulation of many harmful viruses and bacteria.

Thus when some of these harmful microbes start infecting your tonsils, it slowly results in the swelling of your tonsils. And yes, it is possible that only one of your tonsil can get infected and become swollen too.

Some of the common problems that cause tonsil infection include – Tonsillitis, strep throat, mono and tonsil stones too. Especially, when you have tonsil stones, they generally form only on one of your either tonsils. Thus this causes swelling of only one tonsil (that is having the stones). See The Natural way out for eliminating Tonsil stones completely

4. It could be Lymphatic/Tonsil cancer:

one tonsil bigger than other sore throat tonsil cancer

Just because asymmetric tonsils (one bigger tonsil) is a common sign of cancer, it doesn’t mean that you have tonsil or any other cancer. Whatever may be the cause, many websites simply conclude it as some cancer. But we at tonsilstoneremedies.net won’t do this. we give completely practical solutions that are true to real life. Beleive me, the chance of a person getting these cancers is extremely low. In fact, for 98% of the people who have one tonsil bigger than the other, the cause is not cancer.

On the other hand, added to asymmetric tonsils, if you have other symptoms like bleeding, recurrent sore throats, lump like structure, then you could consider diagnosing yourself for cancer. Else you can just relax and take a breath.

5. You could have got a severe infection, even maybe a few years back:

one tonsil bigger than other after tonsillitis

Are you affected by a serious throat infection from the past many months? Did you get severe tonsillitis, or strep or some other infection this year? If yes, then this could be the real reason why one of your tonsils is bigger than the other.

Although it was not proven, many people strongly claim that tonsillitis swelling, strep swelling does not easily go away, even after the infection was completely cured. In fact, it may take weeks, months, and sometimes even years for the tonsils to get back to normal size. See 2 Step procedure to cure tonsillitis effectively naturally and completely

So, if you got severe tonsillitis from the past many days, it is completely common that one of your tonsil enlargement may remain for many months.

5 Actual Reasons Why You Have One Tonsil Bigger than Other

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