Key Difference Between Tonsil Stones And tonsillitis…Don’t get confused

is feeling of something stuck maketonsil stones so bad

When you see a white lump or some white thing on tonsil, you start worrying. Each individual person starts saying different things..

One friend say “It’s tonsillitis”

Another one say “It’s tonsil stones”

Some others say “It’s just because of cold”.

Listening to all these, you often get confused. You can’t even stick to one treatment as a result of your unknown problem.Today I’ll give you a complete clarity and smash away all your doubts by this short article.

The Clear answer – The Difference between two:

First of all tonsil stones and tonsillitis are two different conditions. Often people get confused among these two as they almost have same symptoms.

There are so many common symptoms, like bad breath, visible white things on tonsils, Difficulty in swallowing etc. Thus your confusion intensifies unable to figure out what your problem exactly is.. See A Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms in your throat

What is tonsillitis?

The white lumps caused by tonsillitis

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Tonsillitis is basically the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on your tonsils. The most common virus that causes tonsillitis is the cold virus. Thus the accumulation causes the tonsils to get infected and thus results in inflammation of the tonsils. See Does the white patches confirm Tonsillitis?

What is tonsil stones?

white spots due to tonsil stones

On the other hand, tonsil stones are the formation stones due to the calcification of various particles like food, foreign objects etc. This forms as a solid calcified materiel above the tonsils thus giving bad smell.

Difference between tonsil stones and tonsillitis

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Answer these questions and by the end, you get a complete understanding of your current tonsils problem.

Q1) I can see a white patch/lump on my tonsil?

Yes – It can be either tonsillitis or tonsil stones

No – May be you don’t have any problem

Q2) The white lump on my tonsil is forming pus?

Yes – It may be a condition of tonsillitis

No – It might be tonsil stones

Q3) The white particle on my tonsil is solid in nature, hard and moving?

Yes – It is a clear sign of Tonsil Stones

No – It may not be tonsil stone

Q4) My Tonsils are red and I can see inflammation.

Yes – It’s another clear sign of tonsillitis

No – It may not be tonsillitis

Q5)  My Tonsils are covered by sticky greenish liquid like substance?

Yes – It definitely confirms Tonsillitis

No – It couldn’t be tonsillitis

Q6) I can see some white debris or solid ball like substance on my tonsil

Yes – It confirms Tonsil Stones

No –It’s not tonsil Stones

Before writing this article, I searched many websites, but couldn’t a perfect content which clearly shows the difference between these two tonsil problems. So I decided to write this article which clears your doubts about two different tonsil problems.

So…Finally What’s your Problem?

So I am now giving a clear way according to your problem, so that you won’t get confused..

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Do you know the Key Difference between tonsil stones and tonsillitis


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