Ulcer on Tonsil: Symptoms, Classification, Causes, Treatments and more

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In most cases, an ulcer on tonsils is nothing but a canker sore in your throat..

In general, these tonsil canker sores only last for a few days. They tend to go away naturally within a week even without any treatment.

Now, what if the ulcer on your tonsil persists even after days? What if it is like a permanent ulcer that is lasting for weeks and months? If Yes, then it could be a bigger problem which you must probably take care off…

Ulcer on Tonsil: What if it lasts for many weeks?

ulcer on tonsils

Sometimes, the ulcers on tonsils indicate a more deeper problem.. They are larger than your regular ulcer and can make swallowing difficult.

If you develop an ulcer than sustains over three weeks, consult a dentist. Because It may be a symptom of Vincent’s angina. The disease can be life-threatening with myriad health complications. In other cases, ulcers on tonsils may also be symptoms of Agranulocytosis and Leucosis. These diseases are severely aggressive and can jeopardize your well-being. Contrary, if the mucous membrane of your tonsils develops an ulcer, rush to an otolaryngologist without wasting any time.

Symptoms and Classification:

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Now coming to the point.. The classification

In general, the inflammations on tonsils are classified on the basis of how intensely they proliferate. They are broadly divided into three stages.

  1. Catarrhal
  2. Fibrinous
  3. Putrid

If the inflammation is catarrhal, there will be a reddening of tissues along with liquid matter discharge. When membranes and purulent coating begin to appear, you have reached the fibrinous inflammation stage. Lacunar and follicular tonsillitis often include this stage. (Fibrinous)

The last stage of inflammation is putrid inflammation where the inflamed tissue is destroyed, and there occurs necrosis(death) of mucous membrane.

Tonsillitis with leucosis, agranulocytic tonsillitis, and Vincent’s angina are all health conditions which follow this course of progression (Putrid). Ulcers that develop on tonsils are all symptoms of these health risks.

Causes and Treatment for Tonsil Ulcers:

Ulcer on Tonsil: Symptoms, Classification, Causes, Treatments and more

Unlike other diseases, there is no one general common treatment for tonsil ulcers. The cure for tonsil ulcers is mainly based on the “core cause” that caused your ulcer. Thus based on the actual cause of your tonsil ulcer, you need to follow the respective treatment suitable for it..

1. Vincent’s Angina – Agents that incite this disease are the fusiform bacteria and spirochetes from the oral cavity which work together to wreak havoc. The harmful effects of these organisms result in the development of putrid inflammation upon an individual’s tissues (which have already been weakened by vitamin deficiency, demanding diets, recent infection or any serious somatic pathology). Stomatitis, decaying teeth, and gingivitis are other signs to look out for when diagnosing Vincent’s Angina.

There is necrosis of the upper layer of one of the tonsils coupled with the appearance of ulcers which in turn have a covering of loose and fibrous membrane (that are generally dingy gray in color with a tinge of yellow). The ulcer can grow much deeper eventually till the tonsil has been decomposed, and the process has proliferated onto tissues below.

Vincent’s Angina can develop largely asymptomatically. There is no change affected upon the general well-being of a person. In fact, there is barely any difference in the body temperature. You may, however, experience your lymph nodes getting enlarged on the same side where the inflammation occurs. Bad breath, excessive salivation, difficulty swallowing and a feeling of a foreign body present in your throat are all indications of this disease. The disease can rapidly spiral in a matter of two weeks where one experiences a worsening of symptoms with significant pain and a full decomposition of tonsils.

To treat Vincent’s Angina, an otolaryngologist usually prescribes immediate antibiotic therapy along with daily procedures like pus removal from the tonsil’s surface and treatment with antiseptic solutions. Gargling and oral sprays are also recommended. Recovery demands a wholesome diet with ample nutrition and vitamins.

2. Leucosis:

Leucosis refers to a blood pathology where leukocyte deficiency is noted. In general, when ulcers appear on the surface of the tonsils, you can suspect a case of leucosis. Tonsillitis is also commonly found in those who suffer from acute leucosis. In general, Hematological clinics treat leucosis and tonsillitis which occurs with it.

3. Agranulocytosis:

Agranulocytosis is a disease that infects the blood. White Blood Cells begin to decrease rapidly in number until the patient is completely deficient in it. Agranulocytosis can develop due to infections, medication-induced allergies, autoimmune diseases or as a result of radiation. The condition increases a person’s sensitivity to other infections and can lead to sepsis, that is bacterial penetration of blood.

A specialized sort of tonsillitis can easily develop in such a backdrop. Body temperature rapidly rises to as much as 40 degrees in this disease. Bad breath, sore throat, grayness in the skin and yellowing of the whites of the eyes are other remarkable characteristics. You may observe unexplained bruises on your body as a result after a few days. Lastly, ulcers will occur on the tonsils of your throat.

Agranulocytosis can only be treated in a clinical setting where the doctor’s primary aim is to encourage blood formation and control the spread of infections. It can be an immensely hostile disease and can be countered with the help of blood transfusions, treatment of the inflamed tonsils, and medical stimulation of organs that form blood and antibiotics.

The Presence of Tonsillitits:

Tonsillitis is a symptom of both Leucosis and Agranulocytosis, but these diseases are not simply limited to the manifestation of that one symptom. However, necrotized tonsillitis can indicate the presence of both.

More often than not, tonsil ulcers are symptomatic of more serious diseases. Visit your nearest otolaryngologist and subject yourself to all necessary testing in order to rule out the serious complications that are associated with ulcers on tonsils.

Drink enough water, get ample rest, and follow your doctor’s advice to recover speedily from a case of painful ulcers on your tonsils.

Finally, we wish everyone, it’s not anything serious but a simple canker sore.. 🙂


Ulcer on Tonsil Symptoms, Classification, Causes, Treatments and more


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