The weird dark brown/black tonsil stones. What do these dark spots indicate?

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What everyone know are the regular tonsil stones, which are white or pale yellow in color. But strangely the black tonsil stones came into lime-light. Are you completely confused with questions like –

What are these black spots?

Why are my tonsil stones brownish-black unlike everyone else?

Do they represent some complications?

Don’t worry, today I’ll give you the complete knowledge regarding these black tonsil stones and how they are formed..

What are the black spots I have on my tonsils (sometimes dark brown)

Listen to this case of a patient

I have a black/grayish/purplish spot about a third smaller than a pencil eraser right behind my tonsil. My ENT looked at it and told me to let my dentist watch it. But he too didn’t tell me much

This is somewhat a rare case. The problem is that even dentists sometimes fail to explain this case. You can hardly get any information regarding this condition. You can search the net and not even a single website is providing valuable info regarding these black tonsil stones. Thus I decided to write a post covering every aspect of these black dots on tonsils. See True clear pictures of Tonsil Stones

In most of the cases reported, the black spots are nothing but the tonsil stones with a different color.

A case of black tonsil stonesimage source

Yes.. they are tonsil stones that are black in color. As we know, the general tonsil stones are white to pale yellow in color. But why did they turn dark brown?

What actually are white or light yellow tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones are calcified materials that are formed on one’s tonsils. Sometimes when we eat, the food particles get stuck in the tonsils. Slowly bacteria starts breaking down the food particles finally forming hard white colored stones called as the Tonsil stone.. See A Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms in your throat

Tonsil stones generally weigh around 0.25 grams to 0.5 grams..

They are composed mostly of calcium, but may contain other minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium, as well as ammonia and carbonate.

They generally look like this..

difference between normal and dark colored tonsil stonespc:Glacko2021 via Wikimedia commons cc3.0

But why the hell did your tonsil stones turn brownish black..?

The causes of Tonsil stones turning black/dark:


There are various reasons why your tonsil stones are not white. These are the reasons that many people and dentists don’t know. Thus they fail to explain this strange case of Tonsil stones..

The Impurities effect:

Do you know, calcium turns dark when some impurities act upon it? Yes, This could be the real reason behind your strange colored tonsil stones. When some deep impurities exist in the calcium based tonsil stones, the stones tend to appear dark-colored. Thus they look as a black spot representing black tonsil stones. You can now understand that your tonsil stones are black only because of the presence of large quantities of impurities in it. See See What to do with the unusual white things on my tonsils?

The sacked up blood:

the real causes of dark spots on tonsils

This is another reason behind the rare color of tonsil stones. Some times due to the presence of deep stones, your tonsils might bleed. So this small amount of blood that come out gets clotted and sacks up. This hardened blood settles on the tonsil stones and thus appear as dark mucus on tonsil stones. So watch clearly whether they are black tonsil stones or just some blood sacked upon the normal stones. See Facing blood while Removing Tonsil stones? Cure Tonsil stones bleeding

It may be other mineral:

In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator“, I explained that tonsil stones are nothing but clusters of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, carbonate….many more minerals. Though tonsil stones are mostly made up of calcium. (Thus they appear white as calcium is white colored mineral) But, there are cases when they contain large amounts of other minerals too.  In such a cases the tonsil stones appear in a different color. Logically, why would the stones look white if they don’t have large amounts of calcium? In such a case, we tend to see the existence of black or dark colored tonsil stones.

3 causes of strange Dark or black Tonsil stones

Pin it.. It’s still unknown to many

Are these dark colored tonsil stones more complicated or dangerous?

Don’t worry… These are not some big dangerous things. They are just like the normal tonsil stones but just are of a different color. See Knowing your Tonsil stones dangerous-ness and harmful-ness based on some key factors

Should I follow a different removal technique for removal of these black stones?

As discussed, the brownish or black tonsil stones can be mainly of three reasons. So based upon the case you need to think of the removal technique. See 9 natural remedies to clear away Tonsil stones (Updated)

So If the color is because of the impurities or the other mineral present, you need not think much about the removal techniques. You can simply follow any of the natural or physical methods I discussed in other articles for the removal of the tonsil stones.

But if your case is sacked up blood, you first need to stop the bleeding problem and then think of removing the stones. Or else you may bleed too much leading to further complications.

But…My black spots are not tonsil stones..?

black spots on tonsils but not tonsil stones

As I said, in most of the cases the black dots on the tonsils are nothing but the tonsil stones that are of different color. But there are some rare cases in which these black spots are not the stones.

The mucus accompanied by smoking:

There are cases in which the black color is due to the smoking. Many times mucus gets formed in our throat due to various reasons. This mucus settles in the throat causing sore throat. In People who smoke, a lot of impurities get mixed with the mucus and thus forming a black mucus on the tonsil. See Treat Pus formation on my Tonsil

Inflammation due to post nasal drip:

If you suffer from problems like chronic sinusitis, it may result in post nasal drip. Thus this excess mucous developed settles back as a black spot on the throat looking like a black dot. This can be one common reason, if your black spots don’t seem like tonsil stones.

A case of melanoma:

Sometimes the black spot may indicate a case of melanoma a case of tonsil cancer, in which the tonsil glands get affected. But this is almost very rare..:)


Black tonsil stones can be considered as a strange and uncommon case of tonsil stones. Even though they are same as normal tonsil stones, they must be eliminated from the tonsils. Else they will start effecting the entire tonsil glands extremely, until you are forced for a deep tonsil surgery.


If you want to eliminate these frightening black spots on your tonsils. If you want to completely get rid of these dark colored tonsil stones.

Here is what to do..

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