Tonsil Cyst: Symptoms, causes, treatment, pictures and more

Tonsil Cyst

It all begins with an itchy sore throat… You feel that it is a normal sore throat and ignore it completely. Days pass by, sore throat goes off. But you still feel something stuck in your throat. When you slowly open your throat and look at the mirror, you can see a lump like bubble on your tonsil..

Then comes into limelight the unheard “Tonsil cyst”.

Today we will give you complete guidance and show you the perfect way of handling these tonsil cysts..

First of all

What are Cysts?

Cysts are nothing but small bubble-like sack structures that hold liquids which can be pus or any other liquid.

Cysts can be formed at any part of your body. So if these lump like structures are formed on your tonsils then they are known as “tonsil cysts”/”Tonsillar cysts”.

Symptoms of a Tonsil cyst:

There are various tonsil problems like tonsil stones, tonsillitis, sore throat, strep throat etc.. So it is often tricky to identify these tonsil cysts, as the symptoms are pretty much similar to that of other tonsil problems.. (I personally suggest a kit like this for properly identifying your tonsil problem)

So I’ll tell you some of the common symptoms of tonsil cysts..

  • A wheatish/white lump on tonsil
  • A feeling of something stuck in the throat
  • Irritating/itching Tonsils
  • Liquid holding bubble on tonsils (sometimes)
  • Popping sound in the ear
  • Presence of the lump for many days..

The above symptoms are the most common ones and can vary from person to person based on the type of cysts. If your symptoms are truly irritating your daily life, you can consider tonsil gargle mouthwashes like this or this for quick relief)

Picture of Tonsil cyst:

Here is the picture, which shows you how the tonsil cysts actually look like

Tonsil Cyst


The biggest Doubt of Throat/Tonsil cancer:

Whenever a person hears about cysts, the first thing they start worrying about is cancer. I agree that a number of websites online bombard with cancer as the conclusion for each and every problem. Whatever may be your problem the many websites conclude it as cancer.

But we always tell you the true practical conclusions so that you get some peace of mind and correctly treat your problem..

You can see the above screenshot.. It is a message from one of the fans from our fanpage. He was worried about tonsil cancer even for a small case of tonsillitis.

Same with the case of tonsil cysts.. In almost all cases, the tonsil cysts are benign and don’t cause any cancer. If you want further peace of mind, you can go to your doctor and check for cancer cells.

So don’t worry about cancers.. and start treating your tonsil cysts.

The Primary cause of Tonsil cysts:

When you go across hundreds of cases of Tonsil cysts, you can identify a strange fact..

Did you face a sore throat or cold just before you identified your cyst?

The fact is that almost all tonsil cysts cases just start with a sore throat or a cold. This is the prime root cause of Tonsil cysts. (Thus it is always recommended to use strong lozenges within few days of having a sore throat)

In almost all general cases, all the cysts you get on your tonsils belong to a type called mucous retention cysts. All these mucous retention cysts mainly develop on the tonsils and sometimes in the throat.

The main cause behind this type of Tonsil cysts is the post nasal drip. The postnasal drip due to cold or sinusitis drop down and occlude the mucus-producing glands at the back of the throat/tonsils and thus forming liquid-like lumps which are called cysts. If you still feel like you are having post nasal drip (even now), it is advised to do a saline nasal rinse for relief)

So you can now understand how a small cold turned down into a cyst on your tonsil.

Check if it is a Tonsil stone, tonsillitis..

Before confirming it as a tonsil cyst, I strongly recommend checking it perfectly. This is because often people confuse Tonsil stones or tonsillitis as tonsil cysts. Sometimes a tonsil stone may get stuck under a tissue. In such a case it may look like a lump.

Similarly, sometimes tonsillitis can cause pus pockets on the tonsils, these pus pockets look like white patches on the tonsils. People often confuse these pus pockets for tonsil cysts. Thus tonsil cysts need to be correctly identified and treated accordingly. See Clear cut symptoms of tonsil stones in your throat

Tonsil cyst Treatment:

Whenever you visit the doctor with a tonsil cyst, the first thing he does is giving an antibiotic and later suggesting tonsil surgery. See Does Tonsil stones surgery (Laser surgery) truly work?

But the problem is that these antibiotics stop the irritation and pain but doesn’t solve the real problem of eliminating the cyst completely.

Listen to the stories of the People who experienced this problem:

Story 1: “A while back I started getting a strange feeling at the back of my throat. so i made an appointment with the doctor who told me i had tonsil cysts and prescribed me a serious of nasal sprays and antibiotics. These were useless and made no difference. It’s now a year since i first noticed them, they are still there”

Story 2 : “OMG, yes I have the same thing! About 7 years ago it felt like there was a bit of food stuck in my throat and I went to the doctor and he told me it was a tonsil cyst and he gave me some amoxycillin antibiotics and that made the cyst decrease in size. However, the cyst still remained on my tonsil.”

So I’ll give you the Treatments that truly work for Tonsil cysts thus eliminating from the problem root..

1 . Alkalol Gargle:

Alkalol is a solution that contains many herbal ingredients such as peppermint oil, menthol, and eucalyptol. The alkalol can clear the nasal discharge down the throat and slowly clear away the cysts.

  • Take 2 to 3 spoons in a glass.
  • Add some water if you want to dilute it (Often not required)
  • Gargle the liquid at least for 30 seconds.
  • While gargling make sure that the solution touches the tonsil cyst

Thus the alkalol solution slowly decreases the tonsil cyst size and makes it go away. You may get alkolol only at a few famous drug stores, or online here.

If you couldn’t get alkolol, instead use this hydrogen peroxide for gargling. Peroxide also can clear away the cysts when used daily.

2 . The clean way:

tonsil cysts cures

Yes, you should remember that good oral hygiene can clear away all tonsil problems including the tonsil cysts.

Particularly, in the case of tonsil cysts, good oral hygiene can truly show up wonders in clearing them away. (I personally recommend this oral rinse for people having tonsil issues). A good oral hygiene includes cleaning –
Deeper parts of the throat
The area below the tongue.

3 . The Warm Tea:

lemon tea to treat tonsil cysts

Warm liquids increase the blood flow in the throat. This increased blood flow helps the body to clear away the pus in these tonsil cysts. So start drinking warm liquids. You can choose to drink green tea or lemon tea as lemon has additional qualities that can clear away the infected tissues. See Five Simple Steps to Treat the Swollen Tonsils

4 . Clean out the pus/liquid in the cysts using steam:

steam to reduce tonsillar cysts

Inhaling warm steam deep down the throat can naturally clear away the pus in the cysts. In addition, they also reduce the post nasal drip that occurs in the throat due to cold.

Take a bowl of water. Heat it as much as possible. Add some mint if needed. Then start inhaling the heat steam from the bowl as much as possible. This will give you instant relief as well as decrease the liquid present in the cysts. See How to identify pus on Tonsils – Does the white patches confirm Tonsillitis?

5 . Target the core – change Foods:

Can avoiding dairy cure tonsil cysts

As I said the tonsil cysts are most often due to the blockage of mucus-producing glands due to postnasal drip of cold. So in order to treat the tonsil cysts, you need to stop this post nasal drip and mucus production. The best thing you can do is stop dairy from your diet. This will give immediate results of reducing the mucus in turn preventing the developing of tonsil cysts.

Reduce Dairy followed by reducing gluten food. This results in creating the best conditions that slowly eliminate your tonsil cysts. See If You Suffer With Badbreath…..Eat These 5 Foods

Remember, the Cure of tonsil cysts doesn’t take place so fast. All you need is patience. Don’t ignore any of the treatments above. With hope follow all of them and your tonsil cysts will go away soon..


You are able to see bubble like lump on your tonsils.

This clearly indicates that your Tonsil cysts are holding large amounts of fluids and pus.

As days pass by, things get scarier as you will notice that your cysts were getting bigger and bigger. When they are this big you can’t even drain them out.

To make matters EVEN WORST, with big cysts, your throat gets terrifying too!

If you want to remove out your tonsil cyst completely. If you don’t won’t to land up in wrong conclusions and perfectly treat your problem.

Here is what to do..

Watch this Case study that helps you eliminate tonsil cysts naturally perfectly and completely..

(This won’t be available forever)

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