Why do i get Tonsil stones during pregnancy? Only Way to get rid of them completely

Everything seems normal until you are pregnant. But, From that day when your pregnancy starts, everything changes. Even your body undergoes a number of changes that start showing up various symptoms.

Have you ever experienced coughing up white stuff just after a few weeks of the start of pregnancy?

Why tonsil stones come again and again during the period of pregnancy?

How can you get rid of the tonsil stones that usually come while you are pregnant?

The Relation between Tonsil stones and pregnancy?

Many may think that there is no relation between pregnancy and tonsil stones as it is a throat related problem. But contrary,

The Answer is “Yes”.

Tonsil stones are directly related to pregnancy. Thousands of woman reported that they started facing a number of tonsil stones right early after their pregnancy. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

pregnant women relation with tonsil problems

You first Need to understand a few facts before understanding the relation between both of them –

While you are pregnant

  • A lot of Hormonal Fluctuations occur causing excessive saliva, puffy or bleeding gums, a metallic taste etc
  • When you are pregnant, your body produces more mucus, so nasal congestion is very much common
  • Pregnancy unknowingly suppresses your immune system.
  • Most women will experience at least one cold during their pregnancy.

The True Cause of Tonsil stones in throat while you are pregnant:

There may be many minute reasons for the cause of tonsil stones during pregnancy. But I will tell you the most vital and common reason for this case.

It’s the post Nasal drip…

Pregnancy causes a number of body changes. One thing is that it increases your estrogen levels very rapidly. This increase in estrogen results in excess mucus production. Thus in simple estrogen needs to be blamed for excess mucus production in throat during pregnancy. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

tonsil stones and post nasal drip during pregnancy

It is then the real problem of tonsil stones start.

In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” I mentioned that one of the main causes of tonsil stones is the post nasal drip/mucus..

The excess mucus produced during pregnancy results in post nasal drip and the mucus slowly settles in the throat crypts. It is then the bacteria starts acting upon it finally resulting in the formation of tonsil stones.

This is the ONLY main reason pregnant women start facing a number of tonsil problems including tonsil stones, strep throat, tonsillitis and many more. All due to the excess mucus that is being produced in your throat. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

Tests to check Tonsil stones symptoms vs Natural pregnancy symptoms:

This is one of the trickiest part. This is because the symptoms caused by tonsil stones are very much even present during natural pregnancy without tonsil stones. See A Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms in your throat

For example,

Metallic taste.

Swollen tonsils

Coughing up mucus.

Headaches and ear pains

Bad breath

As your immune system becomes somewhat weak, these all are very much common during pregnancy even without tonsil stones.

Thus during pregnancy, it becomes much more tricky to identify whether you have tonsil stones or not.

Test 1: The Visible white spot:

white spot in throat during pregnancy

This is one of the best test to check you have tonsil stones or not. Take a mirror and go beneath a light source. Can you see a white/pale yellow dot on your tonsils? This can be taken as a strong sign of existing tonsil stones. See Natural way out for eliminating tonsil stones completely

Test 2: Feel the sensation:

Just close your eyes and try taking a gulp. You can now clearly observe what causes the stuck feeling in the throat. If you feel just some liquid like thing, then it confirms mucus. But if you could feel some stone like sensation, it clearly confirms tonsil stones.

Test 3: The Q-tip smell Test: 

pregnancy tonsil problems tests

Take a q-tip/ear bud and wet it. Gently swipe your tonsil for a few seconds. If you an see a white spot, then gently touch and wipe the spot with the q tip. Now take out the ear bud and start smelling it. Can you identify a foul smell coming out from the q-tip. If so it confirms the presence of tonsil stones. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

How to get rid of tonsil stones while pregnant:

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish stuff which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we tonsilstoneremedies.net are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

First of all I divide this process into two parts

  1. Removing the existing Tonsil stones
  2. Reducing post Nasal Drip/Mucus

1  Removing the existing Tonsil stones:

Mreasystart via wikimedia commons cc3.0

something stuck in my throat I am pregnant, is there a relation

The first step you need to do is the removal of the existing stones. This will stop the growth of the stones and infection. You can follow any of the methods I discussed in the previous articles to remove the tonsil stones.

If you have tonsil stones that you can’t see Follow these methods.

If you want to get rid of tonsil stones naturally go here.

For Complete Tonsil stones Removal guide follow this.

2  Reducing the post nasal drip/mucus:

In simple,

Reducing the Post Nasal Drip = Tonsil stones will stop coming

So the core problem lies with the post nasal drip/mucus that is settled in your throat. So in simple if you can stop this post nasal drip, tonsil stones will go away eventually. Many suggest the use of antihistamines, but it is only a temporary solution to clear mucus. So I’ll give you some strong ways that stop your post nasal drip that in-turn eliminates your tonsil stones problem during pregnancy.

Alkaline water:

alkaline_water reduces post nasal drip during pregnancy

image: Precision Nutrition

Alkaline water is the water with higher pH level than the normal water. It is a matter of fact that bacteria can’t survive in an alkaline environment. So drinking the alkaline water makes your body and mouth pH to go higher making it alkaline. Thus all the bacteria start dying and thus you get relieved from post nasal drip. (You can simply get packs of alkaline water online)

Take Warm steam every night:

steam to reduce tonsil stones during pregnant

Take some warm water in a small bowl. Add some mint if needed. Take a towel and cover your head. Start inhaling all the vapors from the hot water. The hot steam liquefies the mucus and thus makes it come out of your body easily. This is one of the strong way of clearing the mucus present in the throat, nose etc. See I am coughing up Tonsil stones, white mucus daily..What should I do now?

Stop Diary and coffee:

Does dairy coffee cause tonsil stones during pregnancy

Many think that this is not a much important thing. But just this one practice can change the things entirely. Just stop coffee(Caffeine) and Diary(All milk products). Believe me wonders will happen in your life. All the mucus gets cleared away. Even the tonsil stones get eliminated just by this crucial step. I don’t know the exact logic behind this, but many women started experiencing results when they stopped coffee and diary from their diet.

I don’t have post nasal drip or mucus but still have tonsil stones..:

There may be cases when you may not have post nasal drip but still have tonsil stones during pregnancy. Do you know in addition to pregnant woman, tonsil stones also come to non pregnant women and also men. So in your case It clearly indicates that your tonsil stones occurred normally and are no way related to pregnancy. In such a case you can choose any of the tonsil stone removal methods and remove the existing tonsil stones. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Will tonsil stones go away after pregnancy?

will tonsil stones go away after pregnancy

So in cases such as yours, tonsil stones is basically caused by the post nasal drip that in-turn is caused by the pregnancy body changes.

So Once after your pregnancy,

Body comes back to normal state -> Mucus production slowly decreases -> Tonsil stones go away.

So in simple, your tonsil stones will naturally go away once,  you give birth to your baby. And don’t worry, your tonsil stones and other throat problems are not at all dangerous to your baby in the womb. He/she will no way get affected.


There are cases when some women couldn’t get rid of post nasal drip even after pregnancy. There are chances that your excess mucus may even cause sinus infection. Thus it further increases the chances of tonsil stones coming again and again. So its better to cure tonsil stones and post nasal drip from today itself.


Tonsil stones and pregnancy are almost interlinked.

You need to always remember there is another life inside you that you must protect.

Though tonsil stones may not affect your child directly, they cause a number of other throat and health problems. Thus this indirectly have a bad effect on your child.

But Now..

If you want to eliminate tonsil stones completely and naturally. If you want to have a healthy body and mouth during your entire pregnancy..

Here is what to do..

Watch the CASE STUDY that helps you eliminate tonsil stones completely and permanently..

(This won’t be available forever)

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