I am coughing up Tonsil stones, white mucus daily..What should I do now?

coughing up due to tonsil stones

Many questions start haunting you when you cough up some unusual white substances.

What are these white things coming out of my mouth? Why do I get a bad pungent smell from my mouth?

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The Truth:

The white solid filled substances that are coming from your mouth are nothing but calcium containing tonsil stones.

Yes, whenever we eat, some of the food particles unknowingly get stuck in your tonsil crypts.

As days pass by, these food particles accumulate more and more bacteria thus finally forming a hard stone like structure called the tonsil stones.

Why are these tonsil stones coming out when I am coughing?

Whenever you are coughing entire muscles of your throat, tonsils, mouth move suddenly. Sometimes this sudden movement of the muscles, pushes out the tonsil stone present on your tonsils.

Thus the stone comes out into your mouth and eventually comes out along with the mucus when you cough up.

So you need to understand even though you cough up a few stones, there is always a possibility that there are more stones still existing in your throat and tonsils.

First, Study the condition:

Whenever you cough up tonsil stones or something related, you need to study your condition first. You need to pay clear attention to your symptoms and showings so that you can respond accordingly..

I have studied hundreds of cases and thus giving you The various mix of 5 conditions of coughing up tonsil stones. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

Condition 1:

I am coughing up clear mucus from only few days. No smell

This is almost a normal condition. You need not worry about tonsil stones as It may be a general cough and cold that affects everyone many times a year. You just need to take rest and use some cough syrup to get rid of this condition.

So simply stop worrying and your body, itself will cure your cough condition not more than in a week. Try inhaling some steam which may give some relief.

Condition 2:

I am coughing up plain mucus from almost many months. No smell or No chunks

This condition of yours is a case in which you might be affected by sinusitis. In the case of sinusitis, you will have a prolonged cold and cough for almost many months.

But this is like a initial sign too. People who have sinus and cold for longer periods have a strong chance of getting tonsil stones.

sinusitis phlegm

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This is mainly because of the post nasal drip due to which the mucus reaches your throat and start forming tonsil stones slowly. So be careful.

Condition 3:

I am coughing up white foamy mucus from my throat which is followed by a pungent smell from my mouth.

pc:Brian Fitzgerald via Flickr cc2.0

In this condition, you are getting a pungent smell from your mouth. In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” i explained that the pungent smell is due to the calcification in your mouth.

In other words it’s the starting sign of tonsil stones. Already small sized stones may have started forming on your tonsils.

So it is better to take action now. Otherwise, as the days pass by, the calcification may increase forming more and more stones on your tonsil.

So , Steps you need to take for condition 3

  • Take a mirror and see whether you can find some white spots on your tonsils. If you see the spots, you need to brush up the tonsil and remove it. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?
  • If you couldn’t see any white spots on your tonsil, then you need not think about anything. From today just take good care of your oral hygiene. In addition with teeth, start cleaning tongue, tonsils, upper jaw area etc every day. Rinse your mouth with salt whenever possible, this kills the bacteria present in the mouth.
I am Coughing up tonsil stones. What should i do

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Condition 4:

I am coughing up mucus, many times. Sometimes even white chunks or white foam come out of my mouth followed by foul smell.

The first question that rises in your mind is “what are these white chunks actually? Where are they coming from?”.

The truth is that, some food particles got stuck on your tonsils a few months back. On each passing day, bacteria and foreign particles got attached to this food particle and grew in size. Sometimes when you cough up these entire particles come out along with some saliva.

Generally in your case, there might be a large number of white particles in your mouth particularly on your tonsils. These are nothing but some large-sized tonsil stones in your mouth.

You need to remove them in the same process as suggested above. See The Natural way out for eliminating tonsil stones completely

Condition 5:

I am coughing up white chunks/foamy mucus. Sometimes I am even coughing up blood. I feel a bit painful too.

The blood coming out from your mouth is due to the damage of tissues in your mouth due to infection. Your tonsil might have been affected and infected in this case.

The bacteria accumulated at the tonsil could have started crawling down thus damaging the skin and tissues in your mouth. See The Best process to stop tonsil bleeding

If you go to a doctor he might suggest removal of the tonsil. But at times, you can cure this condition naturally without any surgery. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

As I have already discussed before the three rules that reverses this condition. They are..

  • Create unfavorable conditions for bacteria which eventually results in reduction of bacteria.
  • Remove or Reduce existing infection by proper methods or practices
  • Continue maintaining oral hygiene that prevents recurring tonsil stones.

The above three rules are universal and will definitely cure all the conditions effectively..


The white chunks you are coughing up are nothing but tonsil stones and its white debris.

This is clearly a warning sign of Tonsil stones.

In general this condition further deteriorates within few days until you face intense bad breath, irritation in throat, tonsil swelling and many more symptoms that you can’t even hide from others.


If you want completely eliminate these irritating tonsil stones from the root. If you don’t want to deal with tonsil stones again and again.

Here is what to do..

Watch the CASE STUDY that helps to clear all tonsil stones and bring your healthy tonsils back..

(This won’t be available forever)

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