Identifying source spot of bad breath in your mouth: Powerful Treatment

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Many people think that bad breath comes from the entire mouth. But do you know there are only few spots in your mouth, that are the real sources of bad breath..

The Practice we tend to follow:

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem that affects your social life each day. Whenever you experience a bad breath, you tend to do the following-

  • Use Mouth wash many times
  • Brush the entire teeth
  • Use chewing gums
  • Gargle with some water

But do you know what happens? When you do the above practices the bad breath truly decreases, but only for a while. Just wait for an hour and your bad breath will be back again..See Does mouth sprays truly control bad breath?

feelings of bad breath

The Rare Treatment you couldn’t have heard till now….

See I am going to teach a rare technique that many people don’t even know. Also no website across the whole internet contain this powerful unknown treatment technique. So follow each line of the article carefully and unveil this powerful bad breath removal technique.

The core concept of this technique is to find the bad breath source point places in your mouth.

Many may feel that how can we find the sources of bad breath? Does these fixed source areas exist? But I’ll tell you the way.

This rare bad breath removal treatment is a 2 step process…

Step1 -> Finding your spots of bad breath

Step2 -> Act on these spots and clean them

Result: The source places of bad breath are removed and thus you start getting the fresh breath..

Today you need to correct your belief that bad breath is coming from your entire mouth. Actually there are source points formed in your mouth. Bad smell starts originating from that point and slowly start spreading the entire mouth. So whenever you open your mouth, this bad breath accumulated in your mouth starts coming out.

So from today by this bad breath treatment, you are going to get rid of this bad breath that too from the root..

Step 1: Finding your spots of bad breath

There are some hidden areas in your mouth which are causing the bad breath. You need to find out them. Remember these areas may be different from each person to another. See know the True hidden reasons of Bad breath?

cause of bad breath

For this you need to use your tongue to find them out.

Close your eyes and make your tongue clean your entire mouth. Slide the tongue across all the areas of your mouth like on your teeth, below tongue area, molars area etc…

Now you will understand the truth.

While sliding your tongue across the entire mouth, you will find places where you feel some sort of a sour taste. Yesss.. That’s a source spot..

Where ever your tongue feels a sour, sulfur like taste, remember them. They are the real source points that are causing bad breath in your entire mouth.

The unpleasant taste is because of the accumulation of food or bacteria at that area of the mouth. This accumulation ultimately is resulting in your bad breath.

So you have completed the first step of identifying the source places of bad breath in your mouth.

Step 2: Act on these spots and clean them

Now you have discovered the spots. Now it’s your time to act upon them, thus eliminating the problem of bad breath completely.

You can now use a brush to act upon them. Keep some paste on the brush and gently rub on the areas of your mouth that are identified as spots of bad breath.

bad breath powerful treatment

Thus you are removing the bacteria and foreign particles that got accumulated in those places. You can also use hydrogen peroxide if needed.


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The Powerful Bad breath Remedy you couldn’t have heard till now….


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