Can Tonsil stones cause infection? 5 Natural ways to stop it

Tonsil stones are that one problem, everyone feels as harmless. Many, even simply ignore them.

On the other hand, as days pass by one can clearly see an infection starting right down on their tonsils.

So what is the truth? Can tonsil stones cause infection? If Yes, then why do most people simply claim that they are simple harmless calcium globs?

First of all, How is a Tonsil stone formed?

Tonsils are one of the most important glands, that protect your inner body from outer bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. As a result, a number of particles like mucus, food particles, dead cells, bacteria etc accumulate on the tonsils.

This accumulation forms as a debris in the tonsil crypts, which hardens gradually to form a hard stone like structure which we call the Tonsil stones. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Now coming to the main point..

Can Tonsil stones cause infection? How is it possible?

In my book Tonsil stones eliminator, I mentioned that a tonsil stone is nothing but a buildup of a number of layers of bacteria, dead cells and food particles.

So, Tell me what happens, when bacteria are allowed to stay in one area for a long time? Slowly they start attacking the cells present in that particular area. Right?

The same is the case with tonsils too. If a tonsil stone is present on one’s tonsils, it strongly promotes the accumulation of various microbes on the tonsils. Moreover, the stone itself contains a lot of bacteria buildup, which makes a person’s tonsils full of bacteria and other microbes (especially near and around the stone)

tonsil stones and infection


Thus this presence of bacteria buildup slowly starts infecting the tonsil tissues and cells. This continues days after days finally causing a deep infection on your tonsil glands.

So, the answer to the question is YES..

Yes, A tonsil stone can definitely cause an infection and damage your White blood cells and tissues near your tonsils. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

Although tonsil stones don’t directly cause infection. On the other hand, it indirectly provokes bacteria build up, which leads to an infection. This is the reason why many people still think that tonsil stones are simple harmless things.

Moreover, the presence of tonsils and tonsil stones can accumulate bacteria like the strep, and various other pathogens. Thus the presence of numerous bacteria near your throat and tonsils can lead to a number of problems like sore throat, strep throat and sometimes even tonsillitis.

What are the symptoms of Tonsil stone infection:

However, tonsil stones do not always lead to an infection, it may happen especially in cases of large tonsil stones which are not removed for a long time and in cases of recurring tonsil stones which come again and again. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

Here are some of the symptoms of an infection near the tonsils –

  1. Yellowish white pus near the tonsil glands.
  2. Blood while removing tonsil stones.
  3. Pain near the tonsils in some cases.
  4. Recurrent throat problems.
  5. Feeling like some liquid is stuck near the back of the throat.

And many more…

5 Natural ways to stop Tonsil stones and Infection caused by it:

Many websites, across the internet, give out the same bookish remedies which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them, we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

1. Regular oil pulling:

can tonsil stones cause infection? How to stop it using coconut oil oil pulling

The swishing of coconut oil in one’s mouth is what we call as oil pulling. Coconut oil is known for its strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This is the reason why, swishing coconut oil daily, not only kills the bacteria buildup in your mouth but also controls many tonsil stones complications like strep, tonsillitis etc. See The Natural way out to eliminate tonsil stones completely

Get a virgin coconut oil from any of the stores available. Take 2 spoons of coconut oil, keep your head up and swish the oil as much as possible. You need to do this for a minimum of 10 minutes and then gargle off with some warm water.

2. Drinking Green Tea:

Green tea for tonsil stones infection

According to a study conducted by University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry, it was found that green tea is more effective than mints, chewing gums and many other things when dealing with bad breath reduction.

It was one of the oldest tea, which not only reduces the bad breath but also large amounts of bacteria accumulating on one’s mouth and tonsils. Thus try drinking the green tea at least once or twice a day.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Gargle:

tonsil stones causing tonsil infection. can gargling stop this?


If you are a regular visitor to a dentist, you might probably know what a dentist recommends always. It is the regular gargling of hydrogen peroxide. This is because of the fact that, Hydrogen peroxide is a strong acid which can kill microbes and reduce infection so quickly.

For this, Take a small cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with an equal amount of water. Once you have diluted it, you need to gargle using this hydrogen peroxide every day before you go to bed.

Can Tonsil stones cause infection? 5 Natural ways to stop it

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4. Using Apple cider vinegar:

The vinegar that is taken from the cider (apple) is what we call the apple cider vinegar. It has high anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation, and infection occurring on the tonsils. Moreover, vinegar is known for dissolving calcium and thus can reduce tonsil stones over a period of time.

You can either gargle with Apple cider vinegar or can directly consume it by diluting it with water. Only make sure that the liquid is properly touching your tonsil glands while gargling. See Apple cider vinegar for Tonsil stones: Does this gargle dissolve them?

5. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera mouthwash for tonsil stones infection

Aloe vera is highly anti-inflammatory and can quickly act on one’s infection. This is the reason why it is used to treat many oral problems like mouth ulcers, canker sores etc. Also, it strongly kills the bad breath bacteria present in one’s mouth and throat. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

You can buy an aloe vera mouthwash available at stores or can even try a homemade mouthwash which can be prepared quite easily.

The Important thing you must not forget:

You need to understand that all the above remedies can control or even stop the tonsil infection. But, this is not a permanent solution until the tonsil stone which is causing your tonsil infection are still present on your tonsils.

So, once you get rid of your bacteria buildup and tonsil infection, you must immediately get on to the next important step. i.e the elimination of your tonsil stones.


An infection is just one of the symptoms of tonsil stones.

So, just by healing this infection will have no effect on those deeper yellowish smelling objects on your tonsil.

Within a few weeks, these Tonsil stones will develop a series of spine-chilling symptoms like tonsil swelling, strep, ear pain and it becomes difficult to even swallow…


If you want to get rid of the tonsil stones completely before they become worse. If you want to freely hang out with people without any feeling of breath-conscious.

Here is what to do..

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