Can a Dentist remove Tonsil stones? If not what doctor should you see?

Can a Dentist remove Tonsil stones? If not what doctor should you see?

You now know that you are having those stinky tonsil stones..

While some people ask you to meet a dentist. Some other people suggest you to go for an ENT. On the other hand, some tell you to completely remove them on your own.

So, what should you do? Can a dentist remove tonsil stones? If not what doctor to see for tonsil stones problem? Is it an ENT specialist or a dentist or some other tonsil doctor?

What does a dentist do? Can a Dentist remove Tonsil stones?

Yes, I do agree that some dentists treat tonsil stones by giving antibiotics (or by removing them physically) but they are not specialized for that job.

So, The straight answer to this question is “NO”

Whenever you want to clean your teeth or want to go for a teeth examination we visit a dentist. It is during this general teeth cleaning, the dentists happen to discover white spots on your tonsils.

Thus in many cases, a dentist is the person who discovers tonsil stones first and tells you that you have them. So here stops the job of a dentist. Except this, a dentist cannot do anything and you need to understand that tonsil stones is the problem related to tonsils and not the teeth. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Can a Dentist remove Tonsil stones?

So, Should you see a dentist for tonsil stones?

Many may think that a dentist can remove tonsil stones using his oral irrigator. In reality, this is actually a myth. The oral irrigators/flossers used for tonsil stone removal are completely different from irrigators used for teeth cleaning. They are generally low-pressure sensitive irrigators.

Simply it is not necessary to meet a dentist if you have tonsil stones. Except referring to an ENT, a dentist won’t be able to do anything in the case of tonsil stones.

What does an ENT specialist do?

In fact, any problem related to tonsils and throat is dealt by an ENT specialist. So, if you have tonsil stones problem, the right doctor to be met is the ENT doctor.

Generally, when you visit the ENT, he may prescribe you some antibiotics which control the bacteria growth. He may even physically remove the tonsil stones with his equipment.

If more and more tonsil stones happen to form he may then suggest you a tonsil surgery namely tonsillectomy. The ENT himself conducts the tonsillectomy which is nothing but the complete removal of one’s tonsil glands. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

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When to see an ENT specialist?

I personally recommend you to visit an ENT if you are affected by severe tonsil stones causing blood and pus. Also, you must consider meeting an ENT if you decide to undergo the costly tonsillectomy.

What should you do now? Should you actually meet a doctor?

I totally understand your confusion..

I know you are just an amateur to solve your tonsil stones problem on your own..

But in reality, any doctor including the ENT’s only try to solve the symptoms of your problem, but not the real root cause causing your tonsil stones.

Let me explain you more… If you meet an ENT for tonsil stones, these are the only three things you are going to end up with..

1. Antibiotics are one of the common things that are suggested by ENT’s for tonsil stones. In reality, even though the antibiotics can stop bacteria accumulation and bad breath, they cannot remove or dissolve your already existing tonsil stones.

2. If the ENT removed the stone using some of his equipment, he is just removing the stone, but not the real cause that formed the calcium stone on your tonsils. This is the reason many people get tonsil stones week after week, no matter how many times they remove them.

3. Finally the tonsillectomy. This can solve your tonsil stones problem permanently and this is the only thing for which I suggest you meeting an ENT. On the other hand, don’t forget it is way costly and painful too. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

what doctor to see for tonsil stones

If you are still in doubt? Just read the true stories about ENT’s across forums..

First ENT specialist gave a quick look in mouth then scope up nose and down throat. He declared that everything looked normal and prescribed some strong antacids. 2 months later, second ENT specialist running behind with his appointments and loads of people waiting in the waiting room, Within a minute declared a tonsillectomy. I am so depressed about all of this and finding it difficult to just get through the day to day. Source(

I’ve just been to see an ENT doctor today who has told me that I have tonsil stones (i was beginning to wonder whatever they were!). He has told me that the ONLY way to get rid of the stones is to have the tonsils removed, there are no others! Source

The Real solution for Tonsil stones:

In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” I mentioned that the real solution to a problem is to eliminate the real root cause causing it. In simple every treatment we follow must be properly based on the individual cause of one’s tonsil stones.

Although there are many causes of tonsil stones, in most cases it boils down to only two things..

1. The accumulation of Food particles:

If this is the first time you got a tonsil stone, then it could be because of the accumulation of food particles on your tonsils. We eat a variety of foods every day. Out of them, some of the food particles tend to get stuck on your tonsils. They slowly accumulate bacteria, dead cells, and many other particles thus forming a debris in the tonsil crypts.

can a doctor remove tonsil stones caused by accumulation of food particles?

This debris, after days of hardening finally forms into a hard stone called the tonsil stone.

If this is your case..

  1. You can either remove your tonsil stones physically (by properly controlling your gag reflex) or
  2. Dissolve your calcium based tonsil stones using some strong natural remedies that I teach across this website and also in my book Tonsil stones eliminator. See The Natural way out to eliminate tonsil stones completely

2. The Mucus and post nasal drip:

In most cases of tonsil stones, this the main reason behind the formation of stones.

Generally, If it is not your first tonsil stone.. And if you are getting tonsil stones again and again then your tonsil stones are being caused by another core accumulation i.e the Mucus. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

tonsil stones removal doctor caused by mucus and post nasal drip

Yes, If you have mucus in your nose or sinuses regularly, then this mucus drips down and settles at the back of your throat. This is what we call the post nasal drip. This mucus is then acted upon by bacteria which finally forms some deep tonsil stones in the crypts.

So if you are getting tonsil stones regularly and if this is your case..

  1. Initially, you need to remove or dissolve the existing tonsil stones so that you prevent further damage to your tonsils (due to bacteria accumulation).
  2. Next, you need to Eliminate your problems of both mucus and post nasal drip completely, such that you are clearing off the real root cause of your tonsil stones.


Whatever may be the treatment… like Pushing out the stones, using ENT Suggested antibiotics or even undergoing tonsillectomy..

They do not really focus on the root cause of tonsil stones. This is the reason, many people get horrible tonsil stones (again and again) even after regular visits to ENT’s.

Thus within a few days after treatment, your stones may come back again causing the horrendous smell every day.


If you want to completely clear off the root cause causing your tonsil stones. If you want to eliminate your tonsil stones permanently such that they won’t come back again in your life..

Here is what to do..

Watch this important CASE STUDY that helps you eliminate Tonsil stones completely forever…

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Can a Dentist remove Tonsil stones? If not what doctor should you see?


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