All confusions about Tonsil stone Removal tools – Cleared

tonsil stone extractor tool doubts

Using a Tonsil stone removal tool is one of the best way to pop out the tonsil stones present on the tonsils.. But is this true? If so which is the best store to buy them?

What is a Tonsil stone removal/extraction tool?

Initially While I was searching across the internet, I was completely unable to find any useful content regarding this tonsil stone removal tool. So I decided to write this article and clear all the doubts about this tool.

A typical removal tool looks like this..

tonsil stone removal tool truth and myths


It is generally made of steel, so that the calcium stones get easily stuck to it. One end is provided for holding it tightly, while the other end of the removal tool is made in such a shape that it makes the stone to pop out easily.. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

4 Most common Confusions about Tonsil stone removal Tools:

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish stuff which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

1 – Does Tonsil stone removal tool truly work?

This is one of the common question I hear from many people. Thus I decided to answer this question in this article clearly..

The answer is Partially Yes..

To be straight, the removal of tonsil stones with removal tool is only possible in the following cases..

  • The Tonsil stones are clearly visible
  • The Tonsil stones don’t bleed while removal. See Cure Tonsil stones bleeding
  • The Tonsil stones did not stuck beneath the skin on of the tonsils
  • You don’t have the problem of gagging

So if you don’t have the above four problems you can easily remove the stones using this tool. See The Natural way for eliminating tonsil stones completely

2 – Is it an easy procedure to remove stones using this tool?

In most cases if you don’t have the above 4 problems discussed the tonsil stones come out easily without much effort. This is mainly because of the peculiar built-up shape of the removal tool.

Just watch this video..You can understand how much easily the stones can be removed.

3 – Is the tonsil stone removal tool worth buying?

Tonsil stone removal tool works in cases of many people with visible tonsil stones. In addition it doesn’t cost much like many other costly tools. The simple way of removal makes this tool much more worthy for any person suffering tonsil stones.

Don’t worry I am your complete guide… I’ll also tell its negatives..

If you have the problem of gagging on something being inserted in your mouth, then simply stop the idea of tonsil stone removal tool. This is because this tool is slightly thinner, and this increases the feeling of gagging much more. See 9 natural remedies to clear away Tonsil stones without gagging

Also if your tonsil stones are not visible clearly or only half visible, it’s better to skip this idea as it requires pushing the skin on the tonsil flap to reveal the stones, which is quite difficult.

Though it has its negatives, the the tool makes the process of removal simpler.. So, you can give it a try..

4 doubts you must consider while buying Tonsil stone Removal tool

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4 – The Biggest Question: Where can I buy the best tonsil stone removal tools?

There are a number of stores available across the internet.. But the sad news is that the removal tool is not available in all the top stores. I don’t know the reason, but many top stores are not selling this tonsil stone removal tool online..

So I checked all the top stores and am showing you the availability of this tool across popular stores.

Note: I am not promoting any of these store products, just bringing up the info so that you can get clarity on where to buy the extraction tool..


As we know amazon is one of the best stores available across the world. Love it.. I can almost see a number of tonsil stone removal tools (almost 66 results) across this store..

tonsil stone removal tool amazon

So you can choose anyone of it based on your interest. It is better taking a tonsil stone removal tool with an extra LED light so that you can see the stones easily. Check it out


This is another store that is famous for its long chain of physical stores. It’s online store too is becoming popular day by day..

But…There is not even a single tonsil stone removal tool across the entire store..

So its lacks the availability..:(

tonsil stone removal tool walmart


This is one of the biggest America’s online pharmacy store that sells all the health related tools and products. As it is a health related store, I tried checking it. The same is the case with the Walgreens too. Even though it has various health products, the tonsil stone removal tool is not available..:(

tonsil stone removal tool walgreens


The cvs too is another famous drugstore online. But the tonsil stone remover tool can’t be found across this, so-called popular drug stores..

E –bay:

After searching many stores, this is another stores in which I was able to find a variety of tonsil stone removal tools.. You can see the image below in which it displays a number of results of the removal tools.. Check out here

tonsil stone removal tool ebay

What to do if I am Unable to find the tonsil stone removal tool online?

This is another biggest problem faced by many people. This is due to the lack of availability of the tool across the many popular stores across the world.

Here’s a way out for you..

Read this true story across the forums..

I always use a blackhead remover, aka: comedone extractor ( one that is obviously just for tonsil stones ) I find the the bent end and long handle are perfect for the task. You can get them at Walmart or any drug store for like $3.00.

Yes, this is what the exact solution is…

If you observe the shape of the tonsil stone removal tool, it is almost similar to that of a black head removal tool. The biggest advantage with the black head remover is, it is much more cheaper and is widely available across every store online..

Watch this video in which the tonsil stones are easily removed using the black head removal tool.


On seeing the Removal tool you may feel that we can easily remove the stones.

But Remember! Proper care must be taken while removal. If not you may seriously damage your uvula and tonsils. This may cause a serious permanent damage.

But now..

If you want to Remove stones under proper guidance. If you want prevent any damage from occurring thus giving you a peaceful happy tonsils and mouth.

Here is what to do..

Watch the CASE STUDY that helps eliminate tonsil stones easily based on the current stage of your stones… 

(This won’t be available forever)

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