5 Ways to remove Tonsil stones even if you can’t see them

Removal of tonsil stones is a tiring process. In some cases, even you may not be able to see the tonsil stones. This is because, the existing stones are hidden or present beneath the flap of your tonsil. In such a case, the removal becomes much more difficult.

The first question I need to ask is…

Are your tonsil stones visible in mirror, when you open your mouth? Can you see them?

i can't see my tonsils when i open my mouth.. So how should I remove my tonsil stones

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The real problem arises when your tonsil stones are not visible. You will not be able to follow any of the tricks like using a cotton swab etc to remove them. This is because you don’t know the exact location of your tonsil stones. See 8+1 Natural ways to clear Tonsil stones even without knowing their location

So before discussing about the ways to remove the hidden stones, first you need to get confirmed that you have a tonsil stone in your mouth.

Tests to confirm the presence of secret Tonsil stones in your mouth:

  • The Finger Trail Test:

You can use your finger to test the presence of tonsil stones. What you need to do is..

Wash your index finger neatly and take it near your tonsils.Gently start pushing the skin around your tonsils You need not directly touch the tonsil, but push the skin around the tonsils, like the cheek, molar area etc.

Continue this pushing on both sides of your mouth. There are huge chances that the tonsil stone which is not visible can come out becoming completely visible. See symptoms of Tonsil stones in mouth


  • The Bad Taste and Smell:

This is another test that clearly confirms the existence of tonsil stones. Though you can’t see the stones, still the bad smell and taste caused by the tonsil stones are still visible.

If you slide your tongue across the mouth, you can feel the sour metallic taste caused by these stones. Also many times, you can feel the bad breath coming out from your deep throat.

Thus these bad smell and taste strongly confirms the presence of tonsil stones. See Is my bad breath because of hidden Tonsil stones?

  • Try sensing the Stones:

In many cases though the stones are not visible, you can still sense them. Close your eyes and try to have some gulps. Are you getting a sensation of stones present in your throat i.e at the back of your tongue? This sensation is nothing but the presence of tonsil stones.

  • Try our Free Tonsil stones Tester:

Another best way to check the presence of tonsil stones is to use our tonsil stones tester guide. You can perform the tests provided in that and get a clear conclusion on the presence of tonsil stones in your mouth. In addition you can also know the current stage of your tonsil stone which is important for eliminating tonsil stones. Know more

Now comes the big question…

How to remove tonsil stones you can’t see…?

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The 5 Strong Ways to remove Tonsil stones even if you can’t see them:

Till today You may have come across many websites which give half-baked remedies to your problem. These silly solutions like brush well, eat good food etc in other websites are even known to everyone.

In contrast, All you need is some strong ways that show results from Day 1..

1. The ‘make them Visible’ Method:

Read this true story, which I came across a forum..

found a hidden crypt on my right tonsil. it was actually up above the tonsils, not to the side like they usually are. had to really squeeze these out with a q-tip pressure. sniffed it and dry heaved a few times but didnt puke. found 3 in there, about to go do more work.

In the above case, the tonsil stones were struck in a hidden crypt above the tonsils. Most probably this can be your case too.Try investigating the entire tonsil crypts, rather than just seeing the one beside them. There may be some hidden crypts too.

In such a case..Here is the treatment

Just pull back the flap and that reveals the stones due to the pressure.

Once the stones are visible you can follow any of the methods I said in my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” to remove the tonsil stones

2. The Lemon Method:

lemon method to remove secret hidden tonsil stones

Do you know lemon has some great features which can dissolve calcium? Yes lime has a huge acidic nature and this easily dissolves the tonsil stones. This is because tonsil stones are nothing but the accumulation of calcium carbonate on your tonsils.

Take some warm water, and add a few drops of lime in it. Drink this lime water every day in the morning. Thus within few days, you can observe the decrease of bad smell and taste. This clearly indicates the dissolving of stones. See Home Remedies To Get Tonsil Stones Out Without Gagging

3. The Medicine Dropper:

Unique way that uses medicine dropper to remove tonsil stones

This is one of the best device which can be used to extract the tonsil stones which you can’t even see.  Apply a saline solution to the tonsil to help bring the stone to the surface. Even if a small white spot is visible, you can suck it up with the medicine dropper.  You can Get a medicine dropper online here

4. The Impacting Vinegar:

Vinegar is another best solution that easily dissolves the tonsil stones. You can get the solution of vinegar at any stores or online here (Raw Apple Cider Vinegar).

Just take some warm water and add a spoon of vinegar in it. Thus now gargle with this mix of vinegar and warm water. Doing this practice will eventually dissolve the tonsil stones and give back your happy fresh mouth.

Using Vinegar to remove hidden tonsil stones you can't seeimage:stepintomygreenworld

5. The Head Tilt Method:

Read this another true story.

Using a cotton swap did no work for me. I could not get that far back in my mouth without gagging. What worked for me was tilting my head back and gargling with a mixture of salt. apple cider vinegar and water. I also gargled with a hydrogen peroxide and water (DON’T SWALLOW) mixture. I alternated the mixtures for a few days. The tonsil stones dislodged and I was able to spit them out painlessly.

In the above case, the person too had tonsil stones that are deep or invisible. That’s why he was unable to remove them using q-tips.

Unbelievable head tilt method to remove tonsil stones

So in such a case, Just tilt your head as much as possible. Now with any strong acidic solution, you should gargle as hard as possible. This will result in the acidic solution directly touching the stone even though they are not visible.

Such a hard gargle for few minutes will eventually result in dislodging the stones out immediately.. Try it now..


You are unable to see your tonsil stones. This clearly indicates that the tonsil stones present in your mouth are deep and hidden. These deep stones cause an irritating junky feeling in the throat that increases each day. At times, the bad smell they produce may be so terrible, that you can’t even hide from others.


If you want to remove these deep hidden tonsil stones completely. If you don’t want to deal with these stones, for the rest of your life.

Here is what to do..

Watch the CASE STUDY that helps you eliminate deep stones completely and naturally…


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