The truth: Do tonsil stones go away on their own?

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Imagine a person who is affected by tonsil stones problem. If he completely ignores and leaves the stones without giving any treating. What happens?

As Years pass by, Can he solve his tonsil stones problem?

Here comes a big question…

Will Tonsil stones go away on their own. Can a person get rid of these stones by simply ignoring them for a few days..

Today, I’ll provide you the complete truth regarding this unexplained doubt.

True stories:

I have researched for a few hours and came across these true stories across some Tonsil stones forums. Read them carefully..

Story 1: For years, my general practioner told me that it was food getting lodged into the throat cavaties. i went to an ent in orange, ca, and he was completely useless, as i did not have any at the time. i’d been getting them for the last 7 yrs or so…i’m 21 now. 

Story 2: I totally coughed up a big one of these “tonsil cheese” things. They jump up into my mouth a lot especially when I sing, which really sucks and mine totally smell like poop! I’ve actually been getting them on and off for years now

Story 3: I had had this same problem for about 5 years or so. I would get a sore throat/enlarged lymph nodes when the stuff would accumulate so I would clean out the crypts with a Q-tip and feel fine.

Story 4: i described to her the nastey little buggers that had been coming out of my throat for several years. she explained that they were conglomerates of bacteria, and that they were most likely causing some pressure on my lymphs, hence causing my muscles to hurt, further causing tension in my head, neck and face (which i attributed to sinuses). she recommended getting my tonsils out.

The clear truth: So how long do tonsil stones last & can they go away on their own?

So all the above cases clearly show that tonsil stones is a deep problem that affects people years together.

If the tonsil stones could go away on their own, why would huge numbers of people out there, suffer for years?

The stones can last as much long as they could until you take some action to remove them.

Thus from the true stories above, we can clearly conclude that tonsil stones won’t go away on their own until we treat them in a correct manner. See 7 truly Working Treatments for Tonsil Stones

Can I make my tonsil stones to go away on their own?

The answer is YES..

I’ll give you a way out..

By, just following these incredible techniques, you can allow your tonsil stones go away naturally, without even touching them physically.

Technique 1:

The Hard crunch way:

carrots make tonsil stones to go away on their own

As I mentioned in my book “Tonsil stones eliminator“, A single hard crunch can sometimes get your tonsil stones out. Start eating foods that need hard crunching and chewing. Eat fruits like carrots, apples and cucumbers. Thus at some time of crunching, the tonsil stone settled in the crypt comes out of it naturally.

Remember crunching these foods mainly on the existing side of your tonsil stones.

Technique 2:

The Water Flush

water makes tonsil stones to go away

The water flush is another way to get rid of these tonsil stones naturally without touching them. Water flush is nothing but the removal of stones by a powerful water gargle. Everyday when you getup, Gargle with water as many times as possible. Thus each time you gargle, the water will try to push the stones in the tonsil crypts out.

The important thing you must remember is, try keeping your head upwards while gargling. This results in having more effect on the tonsils that are deep inside the throat. See 8+1 easy Natural methods to clear away tonsil stones

Technique 3:

The Finger Push:

This is another brilliant technique that removes the tonsil stone easily. Open your mouth wide open. Push the area beside the tonsils, like the areas of deep cheek, molar area etc. Move from one area to another area of your mouth slightly pushing with the finger. Thus by this technique at some or the other place, the tonsil crypt gets moved and tonsil stone automatically comes out of it. See Home Remedies that get Tonsil stones easily out

Watch this short video to know the step by step procedure to remove Tonsil stones by Finger push technique..

Technique 4:

The Yogurt:

can yogurt dissolve tonsil stones naturally

Many studies prove that yogurt has some unique elements that can even dissolve calcium carbonate. So taking advantage of these studies start eating yogurt from today. Also, try keeping yogurt in the mouth as long as possible. This will result in yogurt dissolving calcium formation i.e tonsil stones naturally. The important thing you must remember is that the yogurt must remain in your mouth as long as possible. Only then the yogurt touches the tonsil glands and starts acting on the stones present on it.

Thus by following these simple techniques, you can truly make the tonsil stones go away on their own.


Remember tonsil stones won’t go away on their own, until you follow a correct procedure. If not the tonsil stones may deepen for years together thus effecting your entire life. On Each passing day, they start giving a horrible feeling in your throat followed by an extreme bad breath.


If you want to eliminate these tonsil stones in an easy workable manner. If you want to remove them completely such that you will have a tonsil stones free life forever.

Here is what to do..

Watch the CASE STUDY that helps you remove tonsil stones in an extremely easy natural manner..


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4 Techniques to make tonsil stones go away on their own


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