Does mouth sprays truly control bad breath?

Mouth sprays or breath sprays are generally used as a tool for controlling one’s bad breath. So by spraying the mouth spray, he/she controls the smell coming out from his mouth.

How do they work actually?

Bad breath is basically caused by the accumulation of bacteria in ones mouth. So the breath sprays mainly concentrate on this point. See know the True hidden reasons of Bad breath

bad breath spray

The mouth sprays in general contain some or the other anti-bacterial chemicals. So whenever we spray them, the chemicals enter the mouth and kill the existing bacteria in the mouth. In general, though many of the breath spray vendors promote as non-alcoholic, most of the sprays contain at least a little bit of alcohol in them.

Does the breath sprays truly control the bad breath?

The answer for this question is partially yes. Of course definitely, the mouth sprays stop the bad breath, but only for a considerable amount of time. I’ll explain about this briefly..

Whenever you spray a mouth spray, the following process happens..

Initially, some bacteria settle in your mouth. The bacteria start increasing in number each minute. Thus it finally gets accumulated in large number in your mouth. As a result, you start feeling a bad smell coming out from the mouth.

Immediately, you take a mouth spray and spray in your mouth. The anti-bacterial chemicals present in it, start killing the bacteria in the mouth thus giving you an instant fresh breath.

Time passes by, and again the bacteria start accumulating in your mouth. This is again followed by an intense bad breath coming out from your mouth.

This goes on like a cycle and you can never cure your bad breath permanently.

This is because, the mouth sprays are concentrating on the symptoms of the problem, but not on the cause for it.

What should I do?

breath sprays for bad breath control

The mouth sprays only kill the existing bacteria in your mouth. But to cure your bad breath problem permanently, you need to identify why the bacteria are being developed in your mouth. Thus identifying the reason for accumulation of bacteria followed by taking an action to correct it results in giving a fresh breath.

So, whenever you feel a bad smell coming out from your mouth, instead of thinking how to control it, think for the reason causing the bad breath. See Identifying source spot of bad breath in your mouth

Thus by knowing the cause and acting according to it is the correct way of dealing the bad breath.

So Finally,

So, It is always better to get rid of the problem completely, rather than treating it temporarily.

Suppose, You need to urgently attend a party or a meeting and if you need an instant fresh breath, only then I suggest for using mouth sprays.

So, in simple use breath/mouth only if truly necessary.


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