How to identify pus on Tonsils – Is it Pus or Tonsil stones?

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I can understand, Seeing pus in the mouth gives you a horrible feeling. But first of all you need to get confirmed that what you see is really pus or not.

Sometimes what you see may not be pus… So its important to get confirmed before you follow a pus removal treatment.

Identifying the Pus:

You need to understand that formation of pus is just a symptom of the underlying problem.

Is this actually pus?

So now in this short article I’ll give you some crucial symptoms, with which you can make sure that what you see is actually pus..

Step 1:

Go near the light and take a mirror. Now start observing deeply at your tonsils. Do your tonsils have some strange white spots?  If your tonsils don’t have any white spots, then most probably you do not have any pus formation on your tonsils.

Step 2:

Once you can clearly see that there are white spots on your tonsils, You have crossed the first step. Now you can proceed to the second step. The white spots which you see may be because of two main causes –

Step 3:

Now, this is the crucial step which needs clear observation. Take a cotton bud and gently rub along the area of white patch for a few seconds. Now,

->If the white spot or the patch is solid in nature and is like a small ball, then it clearly indicates that the white spot is tonsil stone and not the formation of on tonsils.

-> But, if the white spot has a green sticky matter around, and is slightly semi solid in nature, then this clearly indicates that the white patch on your tonsil is nothing but the formation of pus.

identifying tonsil pus and tonsillitis

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The green sticky matter confirms the presence of pus on your tonsil.

Also you may have a sore throat when your throat is continuously forming pus.

Thus this three step procedure gives you a clear path to identify, what you are seeing on your tonsil is truly pus or not.

Final Word:

Based on many researches, In most of the cases, the formation of pus on tonsils is mainly because of a condition known as tonsillitis. In the tonsillitis your tonsil feels the inflammation and gets completely affected.

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