A Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms in your throat

tonsil stones in children

“What’s happening in my mouth? Are these the symptoms of tonsil stones?”

This is the question that might be haunting your mind from many days. So Now, the time has come. You are going to find the perfect truth for your question by some simple diagnosis.

The classification:

tonsil stones doubts

So first, before considering your symptoms, let us divide the tonsillolith into two stages.

 I personally divide tonsil stones symptoms into two stages.

  • Stage 1: The compact stage
  • Stage 2: The Mammoth Stage

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Symptoms of Stage 1: The compact stage

This is the trickiest part, as symptoms are pretty much hard to identify at this stage.The symptoms vary from slight tonsil stones headache to bad breath. So You need to pay keen attention to detail at this stage, to identify whether you have tonsil stones or not. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

1) A slight Bad breath:

A slight bad breath can be one of the symptoms that are accompanied with tonsil stones at this stage. This is pretty much evident when you just woke up. But you need to distinguish this carefully whether it is a normal bad breath or something related to tonsil stones

2) The Tongue test:

tongue test tonsil stone symptoms

This is one of the best tests to know whether you have stones. You just have to do one thing. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your taste buds. Now slowly twist your tongue such that it reaches the tonsil tissue part of your throat. Now ,

Do you feel any metallic taste?

If your answer is yes, then you have a great chance of having tonsil stones.

Basically, the metallic taste is due to the calcium, potassium and other substances accumulated there. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

3) Coughing Fits:

tonsil stones coughing symptom

Are you suffering from cough many times? Coughing fits is nothing but the episodes of cough that occur frequently to an individual. So you may calculate how many times you are affected by cough each month.

In addition, you may also feel a slight headache and ear pain too..

Symptoms of Stage 2: The Mammoth Stage

In this stage, you can almost easily get a clear idea of whether you have tonsil stones or not. This is because the symptoms are mammoth in this stage. You just need to accept the truth and need to identify possible treatment to get rid of your problem.

1) Your mirror is the doctor:

In my book “Tonsil stones Eliminator” I mentioned that mirror test is one of the most accurate tests to detect tonsil stones. Yes, at this stage your mirror and eyes are the doctors and hospital. Take a mirror, move into the sunlight, and open your mouth. 

tonsil stones symptoms mirror test

pc:Bplikerd via Wikimedia Commons cc3.0

Are there small white/pale green dots on your tonsils? Those are nothing but the accumulation of calcium as stones.

Tonsil stone symptoms Which stage are you at

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2) A sensation of stones:

At this mammoth stage, you tend to get a sensation of stones present in your throat i.e at the back of your tongue. This sensation is the presence of tonsil stones at the back of your throat. See The Natural way for eliminating tonsil stones completely

tonsils doubts

3) Difficulty swallowing:

You slowly start feeling it difficult to eat food. As and when you start eating, you can pretty much feel difficulty in swallowing the food due to the presence of these tonsil stones. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

tonsils difficulties

4) Ear Pain and Heavy Bad breath:

Finally, even the pain begins at this stage. The part of your ear and the part below the ear start paining. Rarely, the tonsil stones can cause jaw pain too making you feel worse. This pain is generally accompanied with heavy bad breath. It becomes hard as even your friends start feeling your bad breath. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

tonsil stones in children

If you don’t have the above symptoms, Hurrah… You don’t have tonsil stones.

But if you possess the symptoms, you need to take a step ahead now before the condition further deteriorates.

You need not worry as Tonsil stones are one of the common problems nowadays. What you need to do is a simple suitable action that brings back happiness to your oral and dental life. 


Tonsil stones symptoms just start as a slight bad breath.

But as days pass by, they start giving more and more awkward symptoms making you feel completely inferior and insecure.

Tonsil stones straight away attack your tonsils causing tonsil swelling, scary infections, ear pain and it becomes difficult to even swallow.


If you want to absolutely stop all these embarrassing effects of tonsil stones. If you want to get rid of these pungent stones completely and naturally.

Here is what to do

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