What is this white lump on my tonsil?

Listen to this story carefully..

Jenny was a hard working woman. There was only a little time left for her each day. Thus as a result she used to take less care of her oral health. One day she started feeling a slight pain in her mouth. She immediately moved to the mirror and opened her mouth. She was completely scared on seeing a white lump on her tonsil.

This is not only the story of jenny, but also many people living.

What is this white lump actually?

As we all know, tonsils are the glands present in each one’s mouth, behind the tongue. These tonsils are the in-built self defense mechanism built by the body to prevent bacteria and foreign particles from entering our body. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

white lump on tonsil

So the actual problem starts at this point…

To be straight….The white lump on your tonsil can be because of either of the two cases. Let me explain this clearly..

Case 1 – As I said that tonsils are the in-built self defense mechanism developed by the body, Sometimes food particles get stuck on our tonsils. The saliva present in the mouth starts breaking this food stuck into enzymes. Things start unfolding at this point. Slowly the bacteria, mucus etc gets trapped by the tonsils as usual. Thus the bacteria accompanied with food particles stuck starts degrading. 

Thus the final result is the calcification of the accumulated bacteria, food particles etc forming a white lump known as the Tonsil stone. See Check now – Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms

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Case – 2 – Another case is that, some serious viruses and bacteria get stuck up on the tonsils. These settled viruses start infecting the healthy tonsils day after day. Finally your entire tonsil gets infected leading to the formation of pus. This results in the form of a white lump like infection known as the tonsillitis. See Key Difference Between Tonsil Stones And tonsillitis

How should I deal with this white lump on tonsil?

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish stuff which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we tonsilstoneremedies.net are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

First of all, to deal with this problem you need to understand a few facts..

  • This is not a rare problem, and a much common problem faced by many individuals today.
  • You must not only control the infection but also prevent this from happening in future.
  • Don’t worry your mouth and tonsils are again going to be in normal condition within a few days.

This white lump disappears automatically, if you follow 2 important things..

1.Creating the conditions that doesn’t allow infection to grow

The first and foremost thing you need to do, is to eliminate the conditions required for infections to grow.

Thus as you curb the infection, you can naturally cure this white lump. Whatever may be your cause of white lump, you need to create a condition that is completely unsuitable for any bacteria and infections to grow. Here are some of the working techniques to provide an anti-bacterial condition in your mouth. See 5 Foods that kill all the bacteria in the mouth

a)Salt water Gargle:

white lumps cure for tonsil stones

Salt mixed in water is one of the best ways to prevent the growth of infection. You may be affected by tonsil stones or tonsillitis, this salt acts as a natural healing agent thus killing the bacteria and promoting the health of your tonsils.

b)Lime Water:

Lime is another fruit that has some unique characteristics that help in preventing the growth of infection around the white lump which has developed. So Take some water and mix few drops of lime into it. You can even add some honey to it. Drink this mixture of lime water every morning when you getup.

tonsil white lumps cure

Thus by doing the above two things, you are controlling the growth of the infection. Now your mouth doesn’t have the conditions suitable for infection to grow. So slowly your pain starts decreasing.

2. Clearing of the already existing infection.

Next comes, another important task. That is the permanent removal of the existing infection at the tonsil. This can be done in many ways.  

If you are independent enough, you can try to eliminate this white lump at home itself. This can be done in a number of ways such as using a cotton bud, or an oral irrigator in the case of tonsil stones. But in the case of tonsillitis you must patiently cure it with some natural methods like raw honey, salt etc. See Are tonsil stones and Tonsillitis contagious?

So in simple, the cure for white lumps on tonsil can be explained in two steps

  • Creating the conditions that doesn’t allow infection to grow
  • Clearing of the already existing infection.

white lump on tonsil dealing

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Thus by implementing the above two steps and maintaining a good oral hygiene, you will not only clear the white lumps but also prevent them occurring in future.


Many times The White lump is the swelled up indication of Tonsil stone.

On each passing day, this white lump starts accumulating white debris around it.

This is nothing but the starting stage of the embarrassing nightmare Tonsil stones. Soon you may even experience an unbearable bad breath which is a common symptom of tonsil stone.

But Now

An easy, natural cure can reverse your entire situation and give you a Tonsil stone free life permanently. If you want to eliminate these tonsil stones and get a peaceful life free from the stones.

Here is what to do..

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