Do you have Bad Breath? These 5 Foods can Freshen your Breath

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If you suffer from Bad breath.. Eat these secret superfoods to get a fresh breath as fast as possible..

Bad breath is the most irritating feeling that completely disrupts one’s social life. Sometimes it can also be a symptom of underlying tonsil stones.

  • However, In many cases, the foods you eat in your diet are responsible for your Bad breath…
  • So changing the food can overnight stop your bad breath.

Here are the five Superfoods that you can use in your diet regularly, so that you can stop the bad breath completely..

5) Apple

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is a famous quote from the early days. This is actually true. Apple is a tooth cleaning fruit. The acidic nature of the fruit cleans our teeth and also makes it brighter. Therefore eating an apple after a meal will create a basic environment in your mouth, where bad breath bacteria can’t survive.. See Identifying source spot of bad breath in your mouth: Powerful Treatment

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4) Carrot –

Do you know chewing carrots promote your oral hygiene? Yes, whenever we eat carrots, our teeth are rubbed against the carrots. This eventually results in the brushing of the teeth against the stem of the carrot. Thus eating carrots results in the cleansing of our teeth completely.

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3) Onion – Onions, in general, have a magical feature of killing the bacteria. This is what exactly happens when we eat onions. Many feel that onions cause bad breath. But this is false, onion, in turn, kills all the bacteria and keeps your mouth healthy all day.

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So eat onions regularly. They can kill bacteria that causes bad breath and thus give you a fresh mouth…

2) Cucumber

The cucumber is a natural disinfectant and destroys the bacteria in our mouth. You may also eat cucumber without even peeling of the skin which is much more healthier as it contains fiber in it. Therefore it should be a part of your daily diet…

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1) Water chestnuts

Although eating water chestnuts is an unheard remedy to many people, it is one of the best things that is good for both mouth and throat problems. Yes, Water chestnuts contain 78mg of phosphorus, which plays a crucial role in teeth enamel repair, gum health, jaw-bone mineral density, including tooth decay. To be more precise water chestnuts are a super fruit for the overall dental health of a person thus paving a permanent solution for one’s bad breath problems. So start eating the water chestnut now.

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In simple, 

So use these five foods regularly and get freedom from bad breath, foul breath, and other dental problems…Finally, have a refreshing mouth and be happy…

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  1. mark

    When it comes to nutrition, keeping your breath fresh doesn t mean strictly avoiding aromatic foods and spices. What you eat can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and gastroenteritis, which are all associated with bad breath.

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