How do you know if you have Tonsil stones? The 10 Signs

10 signs to know if you have tonsil stones

Many people don’t know the presence of tonsil stones until they find a big white spot on their tonsils.

How does it start off?

Tonsil stones generally start off as a slight bad breath from the back of the throat. Some people even complain a popcorn kernel like thing stuck at the back of her throat.

Slowly as days pass by, the bad breath is accompanied with many other symptoms, until a stone is completely formed.

Once the stone is formed your throat shows even more symptoms which disappear only after the complete removal of your tonsil stones. See The Natural way out for eliminating Tonsil stones completely

Now coming to the main thing..

“How do you know if you have tonsil stones?”

10 Signs to know if you have Tonsil stones.

Though tonsil stones are calcium based hard stones, many times it becomes hard to know if you have tonsil stones or not.

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish symptoms which doesn’t apply to real people. Unlike them we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

So Here is the complete list of Tonsil stones symptoms and signs in your throat.

1. The Intense Bad breath:

does bad breath prove that we have tonsil stones

If you have tonsil stones in your throat, the main thing you are going to experience is a strange foul smelling bad breath.

Tonsil stones are nothing but the accumulation of food particles or mucus on the tonsils. These accumulations are acted upon by bacteria which result in the strange pungent smell coming out from the throat.

So, if you have smelly bad breath without any known reason, then there is a huge chance of tonsil stones being present on your tonsils. See Is my fart breath because of tonsil stones?

2. Metallic Taste in the Mouth:

Does Tonsil stones cause metallic taste in mouth

A Tonsil stone consists of a number of minerals like calcium, magnesium, ammonia etc. This sometimes causes a strange metallic taste in your mouth.

So all you need to do is slowly swipe your tongue along the deeper side of your mouth. So as you slide your tongue, if you feel a slight metallic taste, then it may be because of the minerals and compounds present in your tonsil stone.

3. A Feeling of something stuck at the back of throat:

A feeling of something stuck at the back of your throat

This is one of the most common things you would feel if you have tonsil stones. Yes, Each tonsil stone causes a strange feeling of something stuck at the back of your throat.

It seems like a popcorn kernel stuck at the deeper throat. Sometimes you can even feel this stuck feeling while eating food. See An almost Instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath 

4. A white spot like structure:

I have a white spot on my tonsil. Is it tonsil stones

Whenever you doubt you have tonsil stones, the first thing you need to do is take a mirror, open your mouth and observe your tonsils clearly. Closely observe for a whitish/yellow spot on your tonsils.

Yes, the white spot is nothing but the tonsil stone stuck on your tonsils. You can even try taking a picture of your tonsils to observe them more clearly.

5. White or yellow debris on the tonsil:

white or yellow debris on tonsils a sign of tonsil stones

Though this may not be the most common symptom of tonsil stones, it can happen if your tonsils are somewhat infected and affected by the underlying tonsil stones.

All you will be able to observe is a white or yellow debris on the tonsils. Generally, it is sticky and gooey in nature. Thus if you can see this white debris on your tonsils, it is a clear indication of the presence of underlying deep tonsil stones in your throat. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

How do you know if you have Tonsil stones? The 10 Signs

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6. A solid hard sensation of stones:

Sensing tonsil stones

As a Tonsil stone is mostly made of calcium. Thus it is hard in nature. So when a tonsil stone is formed in your throat you could clearly feel a hard sensation of stones.

You can even take a q-tip and swipe the areas near your tonsils. If you have tonsil stones you can clearly feel the hard stone like structure stuck on the top of your tonsils. You can even feel this hard sensation of stones by taking a gulp of saliva and observing the sensation in your throat.

7. Sore throat:

how do you know if you have tonsil stones

Whenever you have some bacteria present in your throat, it results in a bitter sore throat. So in the case of tonsil stones, tons and tons of bacteria start accumulating each day.

Thus this accumulating bacteria eventually results in a sore throat. But the problem is that a sore throat is a common symptom for many other problems too like tonsillitis, cold etc. So you need to observe this sign only as an additional sign. See what is my problem strep throat or tonsil stones?

8. Swollen tonsils:

How to tell if you have tonsil stones by swollen tonsils


Another common symptom of tonsil stones is the swollen tonsils. In general, the swollen tonsil and the sore throat come together as a combination of symptoms.

So if you have tonsil stones, there is a huge chance that your tonsils may get a sore throat along with the swollen tonsil glands. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

9. Coughing up mucus and white chunks:

coughing up can be a clear sign of tonsil stones

Though tonsil stones are commonly caused due to accumulated food particles, at time they are also caused by the mucus. The mucus produced in the nose slowly drips down and settles down in the throat near the tonsils. (often called as post nasal drip)

Thus the mucus then acts with the bacteria thus forming tonsil stones. So in such cases, you will find a thick strand of mucus at the back of your throat.

You will even tend to cough up mucus and small pieces of tonsil stones along with that mucus. See Are your tonsil stones because of post nasal drip? Do this now

10. A Tender Ear or Jaw pain:

how do you know if you have tonsil stones with perfect signs

Image: arogyamasthu

Do you know there are nerve pathways on your tonsils that lead to the ear? Yes, the tonsils consist of nerve paths that finally lead to the ear. So if a tonsil stone forms and touches this nerve, you will start feeling a tender ear and jaw pain. See 4 ways you can reduce tonsil stones ear pain

So a tender pain and jaw pain is a clear reflection that there might be a tonsil stone formed on your tonsils.

So Finally, how to know if you have tonsil stones.

Just check for these 10 crucial signs of tonsil stones. The more symptoms you have, the more precisely one can say that you have tonsil stones in your throat.


Tonsil stones symptoms just start as a slight bad breath.

But as days pass by, they start giving more and more awkward symptoms making you feel completely inferior and insecure.

Tonsil stones straight away attack your tonsils causing tonsil swelling, scary infections, ear pain and it becomes difficult to even swallow.


If you want to absolutely stop all these embarrassing effects of tonsil stones. If you want to get rid of these pungent stones completely and naturally.

Here is what to do

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