Are tonsil stones bad? An analysis based on True people having tonsil stones..

Is bad breath the biggest problem of tonsil stones

Are tonsil stones soo bad?

Some say they are harmless, But why do so many go to the extent of surgery just because of the presence of tonsil stones in their mouth.

Today, I’ll bring out lime light and make you know completely about tonsil stones and its problems..

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The two biggest Reasons why Tonsil stones are considered so bad..

Reason 1: The Heavy plaque type of smell coming out from the mouth

Is bad breath the biggest problem of tonsil

A survey was conducted on a large group of people who are having tonsil stones. All of them were asked the same question “What makes you feel tonsil stones so bad or irritating?”

Almost all the answers are pretty much the same..

True story: The small whitish hard build ups in the pockets of your tonsils. They are called tonsil stones and are build up of food and the bacteria go to town on them. I get them all the time and mom was always saying how I had really bad breath. It is ruining my life..

It’s the Bad breath. Yes, many consider bad breath is the biggest most horrible symptom that is caused by the tonsil stones.

Some may think that bad breath is not a big problem. But only people who have tonsil stones understand how bad breath can affect your entire social and personal life. People often go to the length of holding their breath throughout the day with the fear that others may notice their bad breath. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

Why does actually bad breath come?

A Tonsil stone is nothing but an accumulation of food particles combined with bacteria. Thus the bacteria contain large amounts of sulfur compounds which start making your breath smelling like fart.

Do you know?

Most of the bad breath cases are nothing but the cases of tonsil stones. Many people who suffer bad breath don’t even know that their bad breath is caused by those tonsil stones.

A startling fact is that 75% of the bad breath cases are only because of the presence of tonsil stones.

But once you get rid of those nasty tonsil stones, the bad breath immediately goes away. This is because the food particle that is accumulating bacteria is removed, so there will no place for the bacteria to settle down and thus eventually go away. See Is my fart breath because of Tonsil stones? Any cure?

Reason 2: The feeling of something stuck in the throat:

is feeling of something stuck maketonsil stones so bad

Yet another common symptom of tonsil stones is the feeling of something stuck in the throat.

True story: Most people don’t like tonsil stones b/c it makes your breath smell bad. True i also smell it as well but the worst part is you feel something is stuck in your throat. I have had tonsil stones so many times in the last 2 years. The most annoying and frustrating thing to me about tonsil stones is the feeling of food stuck in your throat when you talk or swallow.

Yes, sometimes people feel so irritated and consider tonsil stones bad just because of this one reason. Tonsil stones can give you a feeling of something stuck in the middle of the throat.

People even complain that tonsil stones can even make you feel difficulty in swallowing.

On a whole, these are the two reasons that make many people feel that tonsil stones is so bad and is irritating. See How long do tonsil stones last? Days? weeks?

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Much more important things that people miss out…

Whenever people complain about tonsil stones, they say about bad breath and the stuck feeling in the throat. But these are just the initial symptoms. Many people don’t even know that many problems they face are just caused by their underlying tonsil stones. But if they know these reasons, they would have certainly said that tonsil stones are not even bad but more than extremely bad. See The Natural way out for eliminating tonsil stones completely

Tonsil stones cause strep throat:

strep throat is the one that make tonsil stones a big

True story: I have disgusting little tonsil stone things. Due to them I had throat infections at least once a month, and recurring strep which is painful. When They did a test of the bacterias in the tonsil tissue we found all sorts of things, including necrotic tissue and bacteria that is usually found in decaying teeth.

Tonsil stones can in turn cause you a severe strep throat. The strep throat is normally caused by strep bacteria. The stones present in your throat act as a powerhouse for all types of bacteria to live. Thus the strep bacteria take this as an advantage and settles down easily in your throat. Thus finally resulting in reoccurring strep throats throughout the year. See “What is my problem strep throat or Tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones can cause sleep apnea

Can tonsil stones cause sleep apnea

Tonsil Stones -> Swollen/enlarged tonsils -> Sleep Apnea -> Restlessness,irritability,Feeling of air not reaching lungs.

One of the common symptoms of tonsil stones are the enlarged/swollen tonsils. These enlarged tonsils for a long time, eventually result in another common problem called Sleep Apnea. The sleep Apnea results in restlessness, irritability, sleepy feeling during the day and many more. So you can now understand that the enlarged tonsils are in turn making you feel sick. Thus the tonsil stones indirectly through sleep apnea affect your health. See The complex relation between tonsil stones and being sick

Tonsil stones cause sore throat and tonsillitis:

As I said before Tonsil stones can result in the accumulation of large amounts of bacteria. These bacteria inturn causes some reoccurring throat problems like sore throat and tonsillitis.  See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

Your Tonsils may bleed, form pus too:

True story: I frequently get tonsil stones (if anybody else on here gets them, you will know how gross they are!) and remove them about every 2-3 days with a q-tip. Today, I was removing some, and my tonsils started bleeding a fair amount! I wasn’t spewing blood or anything but there was a tad more than normal.  Am I in danger of my throat swelling up, or me having an internal bleed, or bleeding out from my tonsils?

If a tonsil stone is present on your tonsils, it is common that a large quantity of bacteria exists too. As the days pass by, the existing bacteria gradually starts affecting your tonsil glands thus causing an infection. This infection may result in the formation of pus. Removal of tonsil stones at such a deep infection stage may result in tonsil bleeding which is much more painful. See Facing blood while removing tonsil stones? Cure?

They are Recurring:

Does recurring tonsil stones make you feel terrible

You tried hard, followed many remedies and finally got rid of your tonsil stones. Tell me how annoyed and irritated you would feel if you again have tonsil stones right the next morning? See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

True Story: On my left tonsil I noticed this white thing on it about 2 weeks ago. I started picking around with it and got it out. Well I’ve noticed that it came back. Its so nasty. I can get those stones out just about everyday. Since I have been picking around at my tonsils for a couple of weeks now, I think I have irrated them. I’ve even made it bleed. How much more of these stones can I get out of my tonsils, and why are they still in there? I am really concerned and scared.

One of the biggest problems of tonsil stones is its nature of reoccurring. Tonsil stones have almost the highest recurring rate out all the health problems people face. How many times you remove it, another one may come back again the next day itself. So this recurring nature of tonsil stones may eat up all your healthy smiling life thus making it completely miserable.


You have a Tonsil stone in your mouth.

Unless you remove them out, you may face a huge number of throat and sickness problems.

It is a complex problem that hits many people’s life with misery each year. Soon one will start facing unbearable effects of tonsil stones that are even beyond imagination thus damaging the entire tonsil and throat health.


If you want to eliminate all your tonsil stones naturally such that they won’t come back again forever. If you don’t want to deal with these nasty tonsil stones for the rest of your life.

Here is what to do..

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