What happens if you accidentally swallowed a tonsil stone? What to do?

After seeing the tonsil stones for many days, suddenly one day the tonsil stone on your tonsil got disappeared. Then you understood that you had swallowed the tonsil stone accidentally. You have swallowed a big calcified rock like material that entered deep into your body. You will now start worrying and will feel tense.

Don’t worry, I’ll completely tell you

what happens if you swallow a tonsil stone?

What are it’s after effects?

What to do if you have a feeling of something stuck in the deep throat?

Finally is it dangerous to swallow such tonsil stones?

You need to understand..

When you try to remove the stones that are very much far back in the throat, accidentally you may swallow them. Also, large numbers of people swallow them at the night during their sleep. See The Natural way out for eliminating tonsil stones completely

tonsil stone swallowed

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Understand, The tonsil stones are nothing but small rock like materials that are mostly made up of calcium. These tonsil stones are so smelly and dirty looking, thus they cause an embarrassing and fatigue feeling when we swallow them. I know swallowing them is very annoying.

What happens if you swallow the tonsil stone?

According to a research, The composition of tonsil stones is generally as follows –

You can clearly see that a tonsil stone mainly contains calcium in its composition. So if you swallow a tonsil stone this calicum based stone enters your stomach.

Do you know your stomach always produces a large number of acids that digest the food? A strange fact is that these acids produced can easily act upon calcium.

So, as a result, the stomach acids, readily inactivate the calcium based tonsil stone when we swallow. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

What are the after effects after swallowing a tonsil stone?

I agree that tonsil stones are bad smelling and have a very bad taste. So in simple, these are the after effects if you swallow a stone.

You may feel a bad smell coming from inside the throat

You may feel a bad taste in your entire mouth

You may have an embarrassing and irritating feeling as you swallowed a strange glob.

Unless the above three, you don’t have any other effects. In particular, your body is no way affected even if you swallow any number of tonsil stones. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath?

So.. Is it dangerous to swallow the tonsil stone?

The straight forward answer to this question is NO.

As I explained that the acids in the stomach act on these tonsil stones and inactivate them. So it will no way cause any harm to your health.  See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

tonsil stones swallowed stuck in stomach

The tonsil stone dissolves and finally comes out of your body through urine.

Does the tonsil stone I swallowed can cause Kidney stones in future?

The answer is NO.. Both of them are two different problems. Though the tonsil stones are made of calcium they can never form kidney stones even when swallowed.

My Tonsil stone got stuck in the throat when I swallowed it:

In general, when you swallow a tonsil stone, you may still have a feeling that something is stuck in your throat. In most cases, this is just a feeling as the stone moved across the throat. Soon the feeling resides and thus you will start feeling normal. So just wait for a few days following some good practices to clear away any stucked up particles in the throat/mouth. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

3 Practices that clear away any tonsil stone particles stucked up:

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish stuff which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we tonsilstoneremedies.net are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

Drink Lots of water:

tonsil tone swallowed can drinking water

Just drink as much water as possible, so that the water passing through the throat clears away all the particles and materials that are leftover in the throat. See The Natural way to eliminate tonsil stones completely

Stop Dairy for few days:

if you swallowed tonsil stone.. Stop cheese and dairy

In my book “Tonsil stones Eliminator” I mentioned that unless you don’t stop dairy for at-least few days, it results in the development of a new stone within no time. So this is another important piece of advising you must follow. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Gargle with Mouth wash:

tonsil stones swallowing and gargling mouth wash remedy

Start gargling with any available mouth wash or diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean bacteria and other particles present on your tonsils and mouth.

On the other hand if you still feel that the tonsil stone is still stuck even after few days, it is a clear indication that there is another tonsil stone still present in your mouth. You need to remember that tonsil stones in many cases have recurring nature. Thus even if you remove one, there is always a chance that another can come.

Thus until you don’t remove all the tonsil stones present in your mouth you won’t get rid of this irritating feeling of something stuck in the throat.

So, coming again to the main point…

Even if you swallowed a tonsil stone.. Don’t worry, nothing is gonna happen..


You may have swallowed your tonsil stone.

Yet, there is a danger lurking in your throat that, even you may not know it and is deeply hidden.

If not why do you think, you get tonsil stones again and again even after you swallowed the stone completely.

But remember as another stone comes up, it can get truly deep and scary.


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