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Bad Breath Cures

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Bad breath is a humiliating problem in which disagreeable odor emanates especially from mouth. This is basically due to the presence of bacteria and other ailment in your mouth. It slowly starts deteriorating a person’s social as well as personal life.

2 Step Procedure to eliminate Bad Breath:


There are various causes related to this disorder.

I have already discussed the main causes for this problem of bad breath in my previous articles. So in this article I will only focus on finding out the best cure to completely eliminate this problem of bad breath.

Step: 1 – Finding out the truth

Claims are high that smelling one’s own breath is often difficult. So whenever you feel that there is a bad breath, it may not be true. It may be just your perception.  Sometimes People even presume that they have bad breath due to the bad taste of food. So first you need to find out whether your bad breath is truly existing or not..

Finding out the truth can be done either by self analysis or by professional consult.

a) Self Analysis:

So One straightforward method to find out whether your bad breath is real is to seek help from family members and close friends. They can truly observe and confirm whether you have a bad breath or not.

An even more effective method that can be suggested is to scrape the posterior part of the tongue with a spoon and smelling the residue. Multiple sessions of testing are required due to varying intensities of odor throughout the day.

Thus after this step you can come to a conclusion whether you truly suffer bad breath or it is just an assumption of your mind. See Is my bad breath because of hidden Tonsil stones? 

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b) Professional Consult:

dentist bad breath cure

In addition to Self analysis, you can consult a professional too, to find out the truth that whether you truly have a bad breath or not. The professionals use Halimeter, a device available in the market for estimating the levels of sulfur compound present in mouth air. Thus they can perfectly determine your bad breath levels.

I personally feel that, In order to perform this step, self analysis is enough and consulting a professional or dentist is not that required.

Step 2: Curing the problem

After the step 1, you may get a clear understand about your problem. You may also understand the degree and seriousness of your problem too. So its now time to find out the solution to your problems that brings your fresh mouth back.

You may have come across many websites which give half-baked remedies to your problem. These silly solutions like brush well, eat good food etc in other websites are even known to everyone. But we will give you the truly working solutions that give results.

1 – Identifying source spot of bad breath

This is one of the most powerful technique that you can find only on this website. In this technique we first find the source spots of bad breath in a person’s mouth and then start acting on these spots so that the bad breath can be eliminated. In order to identify the source spots initially, we use tongue to slide over the entire mouth. Then we observe for the places we can feel sulfur like sore taste in our mouth. Later we brush on these spots and clean the bacteria present at that spot. You can see “Identifying source spot of bad breath in your mouth: Powerful Treatment” article for complete understanding of this rare technique.

2 – Cleaning Tongue:

tongue technique to cure bad breath

Most often, in many cases the bad breath is caused by the bacteria present on the tongue. We, not knowing this fact tend to ignore cleaning the tongue effectively. So everyday Gently clean the tongue twice a day. Scrap the tongue many times such that there is no whiteness appearing on your tongue. This was found to be one of the most effective methods to keep the bacteria’s at bay. Tongue scrapers are the common apparatus used for this purpose. So, from today don’t forget your tongue. See Do you know the True hidden reasons of Bad breath?

3 – Chewing Gum:

chewing-gum to get rid of bad breath

A dry mouth causes bacterial buildup and it aggravates bad breath. Chewing sugar less gum can help salivary production when the mouth is idle. The saliva produced washes the oral bacteria and has antibacterial properties.

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4 – Gargling:

gargling mouthwash tonsil stones, gargling mouthwash tonsillitis, does gargling mouthwash help tonsillitis, does gargling mouthwash help tonsil stones

Using mouthwash to gargle before bedtime is also one of the effective remedies. Listerine is one of the commonly used mouthwashes. Gargling with mouthwash should not be done after using toothpaste because it negates the action of the toothpaste. You can also use Hydrogen peroxide for this purpose as it is one of the most effective chemical that prevents the growth of bacteria for long hours.

5 – Ayurvedic Natural methods:

natural way of bad breath cure that work

We can get rid of Bad breath naturally too. Some of the natural remedies followed include chewing betel leaf and areca nut to eliminate bad breath. But remember Chewing betel leaf causes an addiction if practiced frequently.

So Pursuing all the above remedies mentioned will certainly act upon your bad breath issue and completely cure your embarrassing problem of bad breath,thus giving you a happy fresh mouth…


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