Want to restore self Esteem – What are the causes of Bad Breath

Bad Breath Causes

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Primary Causes of Bad breath:

Bad breath is the main culprit that is not only a personal problem, but also an embarrassing social problem that effects our self esteem almost every day. We start feeling awkward even at office or college or at parties. Thus we stop talking freely even with our closest ones.

So, what is the prime cause for these breathe illness? Well, the primary reason is due to oxygen shortage. This shortage is caused due to various factors like eating habits, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. See know the True hidden reasons of Bad breath?

Bad Breath Causes

Cause 1 – Mouth:


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People who mainly suffer of bad breath tend to brush many times. Whenever they feel a bad breath, they start brushing their teeth. But within few minutes, again they could feel bad breath coming out of their mouth.

According to many studies The main reason behind bad breath is nothing but our tongue. Yes in most cases, tongue is the only reason for bad breath. Many websites just give away lame cures like brush your teeth etc. But the matter of fact is that, what is the use of brushing teeth if the reason behind your bad breath is tongue?

Bacteria’s present in the tongue produces several malodorous chemical compounds like hydrogen sulfide, allyl methyl sulfide and some others. See Identifying source spots of bad breath in your mouth: Powerful Treatment

The idle part of the tongue can serve as a breeding ground for these bacteria which thrive on food particles, nasal drips and dead tissues from the mouth cavity and leads to halitosis or severe bad breath.

So in simple if you start cleaning your tongue daily, your bad breath would reduce within a few days. So use a tongue scraper to remove bacterial accumulation on the tongue.

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Cause 2 – Chronic Harms:

causes of bad breath


Chemicals produced as a result of putrefaction, decomposition of animal proteins are another important cause for bad breath. Further, It causes chronic illness like tonsilloith. The human mouth houses vast amount of bacteria’s which breaks down the various proteins into amino acids. See Is my bad breath because of hidden Tonsil stones?

Certain amino acids when broken down, release foul smelling gases. This foul smelling gas is nothing but the bad breath from your mouth.

Cause 3 – Stomach:

Three causes of bad breath

Stomach is also sometimes a rare reason for halitosis/bad breath. Belching or burping takes its origin from the stomach. Sometimes belching just releases oxygen and nitrogen that we consume along with the intake of food. Sometimes, carbon dioxide is also released due to intake of carbonated drinks like soft drinks and beer. This sometimes may create a feeling of bad breath. See Does mouth sprays truly control bad breath?


Self diagnosis and professional diagnosis methods are available for our convenience as discussed in this article . Self diagnosis can be done by asking one of our family member or our close friends to check whether you have Bad breath. Here is one method for all you reserve and shy type people out there,

Lick the back side of your wrist and smell it after leaving it for a couple of minutes to dry, this confirms halitosis.

Professional diagnosis can be sought from the various dental offices and commercial breath clinics. Different instruments like halimeters are available for assessment of the sulfur levels in our mouth.

A range of simple remedies are available for eliminating bad breath and halitosis like using tongue scrapers, flossing, chewing gums, gargling with a mouth wash and so on. These methods help cure mouth ailments and halitosis related abnormalities.

People who dwell in low self esteem caused due bad breath can come out of their shells and can have a normal social life like other peoples by following the remedies suggested. So start living a life free of halitosis and other mouth related issues.




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