2 step procedure to Cure Tonsillitis Effectively, Naturally, And Completely

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What is tonsillitis?

More than just being a bad sore throat, tonsillitis is an inflammation in the tonsils that is usually caused by a viral or bacterial attack. The virus or bacteria slowly settles on your tonsils and start infecting your tonsils on each passing day. This condition is called as tonsillitis.

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The virus or bacteria causing tonsillitis can be any virus or bacteria. It can even be caused by the common cold virus. So the attack of virus and bacteria, results in the formation of pus, infection and and thus damaging your entire tonsils . See The only best way to Treat Pus on Tonsil

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Cure to Tonsillitis:

In order to cure tonsillitis , remember one simple formula….

Curing Tonsillitis = Curing the Infection on Tonsils

So, in simple curing of tonsillitis is a 2 step procedure..

  1. Killing all the Bacteria and virus on your Tonsils
  2. Clearing the inflammation occurred on your Tonsil

Step 1 : Killing the Bacteria and Virus on your Tonsils:

Tonsillitis is sometimes caused by virus and sometimes by bacteria. So first know the cause of this virus. Are you affected by cold? Do you have a sore throat ? So first you need to get rid of them, only then you can effectively cure tonsillitis.

In general the cold or some other infection goes off within a week. So you the need to kill all the bacteria that got accumulated on your tonsils.

-> Use Hydrogen peroxide

I always suggest hydrogen peroxide as it is the best chemical that kills all the bacteria affecting your tonsils. Thus every night, take some hydrogen peroxide, dilute it with few caps of water. Then gargle  for 2-3 minutes   with the diluted hydrogen peroxide every night.

-> Betadine gargle or Bactidol gargle

betadine gargle tonsillitis, bactidol for tonsillitis

pc:Aneta Crsová via Wikimedia Commons cc4.0

This is one of the most effective tonsillitis cure that didn’t come to much lime light. Betadine is the best ever antiseptic liquid that effectively kills the bacteria and virus in just few seconds. Just buy the betadine solution from any stores and follow the procedure below..

Take atleast 15 ml of of betadine in a small cup. Take the liquid into the mouth and tilt you head backwards. Now gargle for 30 seconds such that the liquid touches the tonsils. Repeat this twice a day. You start seeing the results in just 2 days.

Bactidol is also another strong mouthwash that can be used for tonsillitis too. See Does the white patches confirm Tonsillitis? Maybe not

-> Onion Honey Syrup

onion curing tonsillitis

Take some honey in the bowl. Slice the onion into pieces and place a slice in the bowl of honey. Close the bow with a lid and leave it for at-least 8-10 hours. Then you can see a liquid like formation in the bowl. You need to take this liquid as many times as you can take. This completely kills the bacteria infected your tonsils. This works best if your tonsillitis is caused by common cold virus.

-> Raw honey:

honey cure for tonsillitis

Take a few spoons of raw honey daily. Raw honey have some unique anti-virus and anti-bacterial properties that kills the infection causing germs effectively.

Step 2 : Clearing the inflammation occurred on your Tonsil

After killing the virus and bacteria accumulated on your tonsils, you now need to heal the inflammation or damage that happened on your tonsil. Thus by this step, you are completely curing the tonsillitis problem.

2 step procedure to cure Tonsillitis naturally - Best remedy

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Clearing the inflammation is nothing but healing the damaged tissues of your tonsils.

-> Salt water gargle:

salt treating inflammation on tonsils

Mix a few spoons of salt in water and start gargling every morning. As you gargle, the salt water touches your infected tonsils every time. Thus the salt which is having exceptional healing properties start repairing the damaged, inflammated tissues of your tonsil. Gradually you will start curing the infection.

-> Ginger Tea:

ginger tea treats tonsillitis

Ginger is another food that has unbelievable properties of healing. Thus you need to mix slices of ginger in the tea. You can drink ginger green tea, which is much more healthy. Thus the ginger’s healing properties naturally cure the infection occurred on your tonsils naturally and completely..

Thus by following the above two step process, you can completely cure tonsillitis completely, thus relieving youself from painful tonsillitis problem permanently.


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