“Why do I keep getting Tonsil stones?” Here are the 5 Actual reasons

"Why do I keep getting Tonsil stones?" Here are the 5 Actual reasons

John saw a tiny tonsil stone present in his throat.. As told by others, he tried various things like q-tip, finger, brush etc and quickly removed his tonsil stone..

Although he removed the entire tonsil stone, he was shocked to see another tonsil stone the very next week.

This time, he tried all the natural remedies and home remedies across the web. He thought that those natural remedies can make his tonsil stones go off permanently.

But everything changed when John saw another tonsil stone right the very next day.

And as days pass by, he got tonsil stones again and again and again, finally forcing him to deep tonsil removal surgery..

You may not beleive me, but this is the common story of many people who suffer from recurrent tonsil stones. And yes, this boils down to one big question many people ask.. “Why do I keep getting tonsil stones? Why am I getting them, again and again, no matter how many times remove them?”

First of all, How is a Tonsil stone formed?

In order to properly understand why you are getting recurring tonsil stones, you need to first understand how a tonsil stone is actually formed. In simple, a tonsil stone is nothing but an accumulation of different particles that settle down in one’s deep tonsillar crypts.

Due to a variety of reasons, things like mucus, dead cells, food particles, and other particles get accumulated in the crypts of one’s tonsils. These particles are acted upon by bacteria for several days, which slowly forms into a debris like a thing on the tonsils. This debris, after many days, finally hardens into a stone-like thing which we call as the tonsil stone.

So, if you are getting tonsil stones, again and again, it directly means that some kind of debris is being accumulated on your tonsils again and again.

So, why is this happening actually…? Why are only “You” getting these tonsil stones recurrently? See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

5 Actual Reasons why you are getting Tonsil stones again and again:

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1. Do you have the secret Post nasal drip?

post nasal drip and recurring tonsil stones

Image: Mahdy Fouad via Wikimedia Commons 4.0

In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” I mentioned that one of the most common reasons behind one’s recurring tonsil stones is their post nasal drip. Yes, in most cases of repeated tonsil stones, the real secret cause is their mucus and post nasal drip.

In this scenario, the mucus present in one’s nose, slowly drips down and enters the back of their throat. Thus it moves down through the back of the throat and gradually settles down in the crypts of the tonsils. This is what is known as the post nasal drip. Finally, this settled mucus after days of bacteria accumulation forms into a hard tonsil stone.

Thus no matter you are removing your stones, the mucus again drips down and forms into another tonsil stone, within no time. On the other hand, the post nasal drip can happen due to a variety of reasons including sinus infections, during pregnancy, acid reflux, GERD, eating excess dairy etc. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

2. You might be having big tonsils:

why do i keep getting tonsil stones

If a person has bigger tonsils when compared to normal people, he/she is more prone to recurring tonsil stones. As the tonsils being big, they tend to accumulate debris and bacteria more easily and develop regular tonsil stones.

Although some develop big swelled tonsils due to bacterial infections (tonsillitis. strep throat etc), while others may have bigger tonsils, right from their birth. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

3. Your food and oral hygiene patterns can also be blamed:

why do i get so many tonsil stones

Tell me why do debris keep accumulating near your tonsils? Yes, it happens when you don’t do your mouth cleaning daily.

Although many people brush daily, they tend to forget gargling and swishing. They don’t even recognize that they need to do gargling every time they eat and every time they brush. Moreover, eating foods that easily stuck on one’s crypts also multiplies the risk of stones every time. See 6 Foods that cause Tonsil stones – Here is the List you must avoid

As a result, food particles keep getting stuck on one’s tonsils regularly. So when they don’t come out of the crypts, they keep accumulating various particles, forming debris again and again. Thus failing to properly flush these food particles (due to bad food and oral practices) can directly result in one’s repeated tonsil stones.

4. Do you have a Hole near your tonsils?

why do people get repeated tonsil stones

Unknowingly many people tend to develop holes near or on the tonsils. Although the reason for the formation of holes may vary, the common reason can be due to bacterial infections.

So when a hole is developed near/on the tonsillar crypts, the food particles, mucus, and dead cells easily start getting accumulated in the hole. Moreover, the hole also makes the accumulated debris to not come out easily (even after extensive gargling). Thus, as the hole acts as a safe home for the debris, the debris starts developing into a tonsil stone within no time. That too happening again and again in the same hole. See The Natural way out to eliminate tonsil stones completely

5. Are you having infections like candida or others:

reasons for recurring tonsil stones

Are you having candida infections like oral thrush? Are you having other problems which contribute to the accumulation of excess microbes in the throat? If Yes, then this could be the real secret reason for your recurring tonsil stones.

As such infections promote more bacteria, these bacteria easily act upon various particles in the tonsils and throat, finally creating new tonsil stones each time. In such cases, you will be prone to recurrent tonsil stones again and again until the infection is present in your throat/mouth. See Is Candida infection responsible for Tonsil stones? Here is the Truth

"Why do I keep getting Tonsil stones?" Here are the 5 Actual reasons

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