How to make Tonsil stones fall out by themselves? The 7 Easy ways

How to make Tonsil stones fall out by themselves? The 7 Easy ways

It’s very much irritating when you have the stinky tonsil stones present in your throat..

What is much more irritating is.. if you are unable to remove those stones out from your mouth..

This is when, you desire your tonsil stones to fall out by themselves. So, is it actually possible? How to make tonsil stones fallout by themselves without even touching?

2 Ways you can remove your existing tonsil stones:

Although I am not talking about permanently getting rid of tonsil stones, these are the 2 broad ways you can remove your current tonsil stones present in your mouth.

To Remove them physically:

This is the surest and the best way to get those existing stones out. In this, all you do is remove your stone physically using various techniques and instruments. In fact, this includes a number of techniques which I teach across this website and in my book “Tonsil stones eliminator

To make them fallout by themselves:

Although the above-said method of physical removal is a best one, it has its own set of disadvantages. One among them is severe gag reflex. As tonsils are deep in one’s throat, some people have may feel heavy gag reflex while trying to reach the stones physically. Also, sometimes you cannot remove the stones if they are deep and hidden in one’s throat.

This is when I teach some new type of remedies. This is what guides the person to make their tonsil stones fallout without even touching them. And yes, you can make your tonsil stones fall out by themselves, or even dissolve them naturally within few days. See The Natural way out to eliminate tonsil stones completely

7 Easy Home remedies to make your Tonsil stones fall out by themselves:

Many websites, across the internet, give out the same bookish remedies which don’t work for real people. Unlike them, we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

1. Apple Cider vinegar gargle:

A tonsil stone is mostly made of calcium. So in order to make your tonsil stones to fall out, you need a proper acidic substance which makes the calcium (of the stone) to dissolve completely. This is when comes the Apple cider vinegar. Since the apple cider vinegar is made from the extracts of apple, it is completely acidic in nature. Thus when it touches the stones, it can completely break the calcium compounds making the tonsil stones to fall out by themselves.

do tonsil stones come out naturally using apple cider vinegar

Although there are numerous ways you can use ACV for tonsil stones, the best way is to do gargling every day. Take a couple of spoons of ACV, and mix it thoroughly in warm water. Whenever possible, gargle with this solution while making sure that the ACV is touching and flushing your stones. See Apple cider vinegar for Tonsil stones: Does this gargle dissolve them

2. The crunchy way out:

Although I cannot say 100%, that you can eliminate tonsil stones by eating crunchy foods. But, Yes, it is definitely possible. There are a number of people who got their tonsil stones coming out, while eating the crunchy hard foods. This is mainly due to the cryptic structure of human tonsils. As tonsils are completely uneven, tonsil stones get stuck in these deep holes like crypts. So, when you eat hard foods and crunch them soo hard, the hard particles can definitely make the stones in your crypts to come out. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

can carrots eliminate your tonsil stones?

Hard crunchy foods include various fruits like carrots, apples, cucumbers etc. All you need to do is Just make sure that you chew these foods strongly towards the side of your stone.

3. Try Exclusive vacuum method:

This is one of the most exclusive methods I teach in my book Tonsil stones eliminator. The method is all about pushing out the deep tonsil stones of a person using the vacuum created by his/her mouth. The biggest advantage of this method is the stone most probably comes out immediately, thus giving an instant relief from your bad breath.

To know more about this method you can read this post about it – Tonsil stone Vacuum method: The Removal method with a massive success rate

4. coconut oil pulling:

how to make tonsil stones fall out

Image:jessica mullen via Flickr cc2.0

Coconut oil is one of the oils that is popularly known for its strong antibacterial properties. Thus swishing coconut oil daily can completely kill the bacteria buildup in one’s throat and tonsils. Moreover, coconut oil being a very thick liquid can definitely loosen the deep stuck tonsil stones in your tonsils. Thus as the coconut oil loosen the stones, they come out by themselves within few days.

Additionally, coconut oil pulling can also effectively reduce your tonsil stones bad breath due to its antibacterial nature. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

5. Gargle using Grapefruit seed extract:

The extract that is taken from the seed, pulp, and membranes of the grapefruit is what we call as grapefruit seed extract i.e GSE. Although GSE is not known by many people, it is one of the best ways to make the tonsil stone dissolve naturally. The grapefruit seed extract has compounds which can strongly break the mucus and dead cells present in your throat.

grapefruit seed extract and tonsil stones

Thus by destroying the mucus, you are directly eliminating the biggest root cause of your tonsil stones. Thus slowly your tonsils get free from mucus, dead cells and bacteria which is nothing but a tonsil stone free environment. And soon your already existing stones do fall out unable to remain in that environment.

You can get a bottle of GSE from any of the medical or general stores, which needs to be diluted with some water. Now, this diluted liquid should be used as a gargling solution, making sure that the liquid properly touches your tonsils. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

6. Start consuming Yogurt:

Yogurt is another thing that has the unique ability to dissolve calcium carbonate of any quantity. So, once you start eating the yogurt, it slowly starts dissolving the calcium carbonate tonsil stones making it completely invisible one day.

yogurt and tonsil stones

Moreover, research studies proved that yogurt is a natural probiotic which contains large amounts of good bacteria. Thus the good bacteria, when taken can effectively help your immune system in clearing the root cause of your tonsil stones. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

7. The Continuous Pressure gargles:

Sometimes what cannot be done by many remedies or doctors can be simply done by a pressure of water. If you know that you have tonsil stone present on your tonsils, and if you want to make it fall out on its own, I strongly recommend gargling.

do tonsil stones come out naturally

Yes, continuous water garglings throughout the day can effectively make the tonsil stones to come out of your tonsils very easily. Gargle as much as possible, whenever you go to the washroom. Just make sure that you tilt your head slightly upwards so that the pressure of the gargles strongly falls on your tonsils and the stones. Instead of normal water, you can also consider gargling salt water which is even more effective.


Your deep-rooted tonsil stone is not falling out by itself.

Thus, within a few weeks, your stones start deepening, causing a series of spine chilling effects including tonsil swelling, infection and even pus-filled lumps on your tonsils.

It can even turn up your breath into a horrible one thus leaving ugly scars on your entire life.


If you want to knock these tonsil stones in an easy workable manner. If you want to wipe out them completely such that you will have a tonsil stones free life forever.

Here is what to do..

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How to make Tonsil stones fall out by themselves? The 7 Easy ways

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