Tonsillar Hypertrophy: 5 Things you should know about enlarged tonsils

Are you continuously worried about your big sized tonsils?

Are you thinking why your tonsils are looking enlarged all the time when compared to others?

Finally, are you affected by numerous problems that are caused by Tonsillar hypertrophy?

If Yes, Then you are at the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss everything about this Tonsillar hypertrophy, how it is caused and what you should do to get rid of them permanently.

First of all, The Big Doubt – Are Tonsils the useless glands present in one’s throat?

Many people tend to think that tonsils are simple useless glands that are present for no purpose. This is the reason, many people simply opt for tonsillectomy and remove their tonsils, even if it is a case of a simple problem.

Contrary, This is completely wrong. Yes, Unlike what many websites, people claim, tonsils are not useless glands. They are one of the crucial parts of one’s immune system. Their main duty is to stop various bacteria, viruses, microbes from entering your deep inner body.

Thus removing the tonsil glands can have a deep impact as the microbes will no longer be stopped by your protecting glands i.e the tonsils. This is the reason, people who removed their tonsils are more prone to frequent viral problems when compared to others.

Now, coming to the point, What is Tonsillar Hypertrophy?

Tonsillar Hypertrophy is nothing but a condition of continual enlargement of one’s tonsil glands. Yes, your tonsils tend to become enlarged than their normal size, indirectly causing a number of complications like obstructing your throat.

Am I having Tonsillar Hypertrophy or not? Tonsillar Grading

Although symptoms like bad breath, difficulty swallowing, difficulty in breathing, change in voice etc indicate Tonsillar hypertrophy, the best way to know is by Tonsillar Grading.

Yes, a Tonsillar Grading scale (which is generally done by your ENT) indicates whether you have Tonsillar hypertrophy or not. Additionally, the tonsillar grading scale also indicates the seriousness of your problem thus showing you what to do next.

Tonsillar hypertrophy

Tonsillar Hypertrophy Grading Scale: Source

  • Tonsil Grade 0 – Your Tonsils are perfectly in the Tonsillar fossa and are not enlarged.
  • Tonsil Grade 1+ – Your Tonsils are occupying less than 25% of the area between tonsillar pillars
  • Tonsil Grade 2+ – Your Tonsils are occupying less than 50% of space between tonsillar pillars
  • Tonsil Grade 3+ – Your Tonsils are occupying less than 75% of space between Tonsillar pillars
  • Tonsil Grade 4+ – Your Tonsils are occupying more than 75% of space between Tonsillar pillars.

5 Things You should know about Tonsillar Hypertrophy/Enlarged Tonsils:

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1. Many people have enlarged Tonsils right from their birth:

Do you know, in most cases of Tonsillar hypertrophy, the person tends to have enlarged tonsils right from his/her birth? Yes, some people are born with enlarged tonsils, which go unnoticed during their childhood. They only recognize them when they start to develop some problems due to enlarged tonsils.

They immediately start wondering why their tonsils are enlarged and worry what is causing their enlargement of tonsils. On the other hand, the matter of fact is they are born with tonsillar hypertrophy and not any new problem caused it.

2. Complications may vary from simple symptoms to complex problems:

When you ask some people about Tonsillar hypertrophy, they frighten you saying that it is a very serious condition. On the other hand, if you ask some other people, they simply tell you to ignore it as a small problem. So what is the truth? In fact, the seriousness of tonsillar hypertrophy is based on the size of your tonsils (Grading).

Thus the complications/symptoms of Tonsillar hypertrophy varies from simple symptoms like swelling, pain to serious troubles like difficulty breathing, unable to sleep and many more.

3. Four Checklist for your Tonsillar hypertrophy:

If you want to diagnose what is actually causing your tonsillar hypertrophy/enlarged tonsils, you can simply go through this four-point checklist. I have researched a lot of cases and I have broadly divided the real root cause of Tonsillar hypertrophy into four categories.

  • Bacterial and Viral effect: One of the most common reasons of enlarged tonsils is the impact of bacteria, virus or any other microbes on tonsil glands. As I told, tonsils are present to stop many harmful microbes from entering your body. So when any such microbes attack your tonsils (causing an inflammation), then it results in the enlargement of your tonsils. The most common problems include tonsillitis, strep throat, peritonsillar abscess which can make your tonsils seem swollen.
  • External agents or pollutants like smoke, or Gases in the air: This is another common reason for the cause of tonsillar hypertrophy. Many external agents like deep smoke, air pollutants when exhaled are likely to cause enlarged tonsils. In addition, there are also many allergens which can seriously cause tonsillar hypertrophy.
  • Internal problems: This is most commonly an important cause in adults. In most cases, if a person is having internal problems like Acid reflux, sinus issues or any other disease which leaves off a lot of bacteria near the throat, then it can be the real reason behind the enlarging of one’s tonsils
  • Genetical enlargement of Glands that runs in family. (Tonsillar hypertrophy passed via Hereditary)

4. People with recurring illnesses and infections are most likely to suffer from Tonsillar Hypertrophy:

According to many pieces of research conducted, it was understood that people who get recurring illnesses and people who get regular infections are most likely be affected by Tonsillar hypertrophy.

This is because regular illnesses accumulate bacteria, viruses near the throat area. This causes inflammation and infection of tonsils, making them look swollen and enlarged. So ask yourself, how often do you get ill.

5. A specialty of Tonsillar Hypertrophy in children:

Children are most likely be affected by tonsillar hypertrophy (when compared to adults). On the other hand, Tonsillar hypertrophy in children can be considered less serious. This is because, in many cases, children who have very enlarged tonsils, tend to get normal tonsils, once they become adults.

Yes, it was even medically approved that, Tonsillar hypertrophy can go away on its own in children, once they grow bigger and become adults.

What should you do now? The Treatment for Tonsillar Hypertrophy

For Tonsillar hypertrophy, general treatments that are suggested by many websites, people won’t actually work. Unlike other diseases, Tonsillar hypertrophy requires a special treatment which is varied according to the real cause causing your Enlarged tonsils.

tonsillar hypertrophy in adults treatment

I have already divided the four broad causes of tonsillar hypertrophy. And once you have identified the real root cause causing your enlarged tonsils, this is what you should do..

If your Tonsillar Hypertrophy is caused by Bacterial/viral infections, the first thing you need to do is controlling those infections. You can either take antibiotics or natural remedies and make the microbes to die. Once you kill the microbes, you need to slowly heal your tonsils, so that the swelling and inflammation reduces.

One of the best ways to do it is by consuming a few spoons of honey daily. Thus gradually, you can see your tonsils recover and becoming normal.

If your Tonsillar Hypertrophy is caused by External agents like pollutants, you must get away from them immediately. For example, if you are working in an industry with a lot of smoke then take off a leave for few days. In simple, make sure those external agents, or allergens causing your tonsil enlarging, are away from you.

So, once you completely avoid these allergens, gradually you can see your tonsils recovering soon.

If your Tonsillar Hypertrophy is caused by Internal problems, then diagnose properly and get a clear cut analysis to find the root internal problem that is causing your enlarged tonsils. I do agree that it is a bit difficult, but you need to Identify the exact body problem that is resulting in bacteria accumulation in your throat.

Once you identified the core internal problem causing your tonsillar hypertrophy, curing that internal problem is the surest way of getting those enlarged tonsils to heal and become normal.

Finally, if your Tonsillar Hypertrophy is caused due to hereditary, then it is a bit difficult. Yes, in fact, that is the actual size of your tonsils and no one can do anything about it. The good thing is that you need not fear of your tonsils becoming more bigger. You must also remember that it is not a problem actually and is just caused because of your genetical data.


Contrary, if you started feeling some serious symptoms like breathing problems and sleeping problems, your ENT may suggest tonsillectomy and remove your tonsils permanently.


Tonsillar Hypertrophy: 5 Things you should know about enlarged tonsils

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