Coughing after tonsillectomy: 4 Easy ways to stop it completely

: 4 Easy ways to stop it completely

Are you feeling a severe cough right after your tonsil surgery?

Are you/your toddler feeling a heavy mucus like thing at the back of your throat?

Then don’t worry, You are at the right place. In this post, I’ll discuss everything regarding coughing after tonsillectomy, why it happens and how you can stop it completely using natural remedies.

The Tonsillectomy and side effects:

Tonsillectomy is nothing but the surgical removal of the tonsils. Although tonsil surgery helps get rid of many tonsil problems, it creates a number of post-operation side effects that last for many weeks.

The effects of tonsillectomy include many problems like bleeding, ear pains, Nausea, fever and many things.

Another not so common effect of tonsillectomy is coughing and accumulation of mucus in the throat. Yes, Many people even in the forums online, constantly complain that they have constant coughing and mucus in their throat after the tonsillectomy.

Why do people get coughing after tonsillectomy?

The straight answer to this question is inflammation. Yes, surgeries like tonsillectomy cause a number of problems which also includes the local inflammation, especially near the site of surgery. This inflammation can even show an effect in your throat producing mucus and itchy feeling in your throat.

Thus such inflammation causes a person to get a continuous cough which lasts for at least 3-5 days.

Why is coughing more common in kids and toddlers who underwent tonsil surgery?

coughing after tonsillectomy toddler and kids

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Although Coughing after tonsillectomy is not that much common in adults, it is quite common in many kids and toddlers who undergo tonsillectomy.

This is because children are more sensitive when compared to adults, which in turn results in their body producing more mucus and cough. Additionally antibiotics, too cause an oral white coating on the tongue of the child (even for some adults) causing more bacteria to accumulate which indirectly results in cough and other throat problems.

How long does this coughing continue? what if it does not go away?

In general, coughing and nausea are considered a common problem that affects many people after tonsillectomy. On the other hand, it is expected to go away within few days that too not more than 10 days.

Contrary, I came across a story across the forums..

Hi, I had a tonsillectomy 8 weeks ago, and I had some PND before the op, but it has got worse since the op. How can I reduce the effects of this, and will it ever go away or is further surgery required. Source

Yes, if your cough and mucus don’t go away within few days, you need to understand that it is no way related to your tonsillectomy and is caused by another problem called Post nasal drip.

When mucus is produced by the sinuses, sometimes, it drips down from the sinuses, into the nose and finally settles at the back of the throat. This is what we call as Post nasal drip. Thus this settled mucus at the back of the throat can cause a feeling of something stuck at the back of the throat and also regular coughs.

4 Easy ways to stop Coughing after Tonsillectomy:

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish remedies which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

Warm Saltwater gargle:

warm salt water gargle after tonsillectomy

Many people remain in a dilemma, whether or not they can gargle after tonsillectomy. But the matter of fact is, a gentle gargle is totally fine and is also suggested by many ENT’s. In fact, this is the most powerful remedy post tonsillectomy, which can completely clear the inflammation and mucus at the back of one’s throat.

All you need to do is take some warm water, mix 1-2 spoons of table salt and gargle it every day until your cough gets reduced. Remember you need to gargle the water so gently else, your surgical site can bleed severely. Also, you can take the suggestion of your doctor before starting the gargle.

The Honey Way:

wet cough after tonsillectomy honey remedy

According to ncbi, a study was conducted on two sets of people who underwent tonsillectomy at the same time. The first set of people were given honey regularly post-tonsillectomy, while the second set was not given the honey.

After a few days, it was clearly observed that the set of people who used honey, post their surgery have seen quicker pain relief and greater reduction of inflammation at the surgical site.

Moreover, Honey is also known for its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which acts as a best natural remedy for your continuous coughing and mucus accumulation.

Using Lavender Oil:

croupy cough after tonsillectomy using lavender oil

Lavender is one of the essential oils which can strongly break mucus and phlegm present in your throat. It is also known to clear sinuses so effectively. Thus taking lavender oil will not only reduce your coughing after tonsillectomy but also any post nasal drip problem present.

You can either make natural lavender oil yourself or can buy it at any medical stores or general stores available.

Medical Source

Taking Ginger:

congestion after tonsillectomy ginger remedy

If you want to clear the inflammation, and infection at the tonsillectomy surgery site, you can strongly consider taking the Ginger. Yes, ginger is known for its strong nature of reducing inflammation. It can also smoothe the itchy throat and even control your irritating sore throat. This is the reason why ginger is used as an ingredient in many lozenges especially for controlling cough.

As ginger is a root, it is normally difficult to eat it raw and direct. Thus you can consider drinking cold/warm ginger tea for reducing and controlling your cough.

Medical Source

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