what do Tonsil stones look like in the throat? The 5 Variations

what do Tonsil stones look like in the throat? The 5 Variations

A Tonsil stone is nothing but a solid calcium accumulation formed on one’s tonsils. The tonsil stones are build up as rocks on the person’s deep throat thus giving a stinky bad breath.

When I started researching for this article, I have seen all the websites repeating the same stuff that they are yellowish irregular objects present in the throat.

Though it is correct, the matter of worry is how they actually look like inside the throat? How to identify them? And finally how to make sure that your bad smell is all because of these nasty tonsil stones?

what do Tonsil stones look like in the throat?


In order to understand how a tonsil stone looks like in reality, you need to study the five variations of the tonsil stones.

As many people don’t know that there are a number of variations, eventually they fail to actually understand how a tonsil stone looks like.

In other words, they end up in total confusion on not knowing whether their spot is a tonsil stone or not. See The Natural way out for eliminating Tonsil stones completely

The 5 Variations of how a tonsil stone actually looks like:

Whatever may be your cause..

Whatever may be the stage of your tonsil stone and..

And whatever may the size of the tonsil stone they come only under these five variations.

1. A small Yellowish White dot on Tonsils:

tonsil stone picture


tonsil stone animation


tonsil stone in throat

The most common way a tonsillolith looks is like a white spot. Yes, in most of the cases, a tonsil stone looks like a solid white dot in the deep of the throat.

How to detect this?

Take a mirror and flashlight. Now open your mouth wide-open and focus the flashlight onto your deep throat. Now slowly observe both your tonsils clearly. In general, a tonsil stone looks like a sesame seed like thing on the tonsil. The size of the stone can vary and it can sometimes be slightly yellowish in white color too. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

2. A Hardly visible stone residing in tonsil crypts:

hidden tonsil stones


The tonsil glands have somewhat a strange structure with a number of high raising tops which are followed by some deep lying crypts. So when a tonsil stone is formed in this low lying crypt, then it is known as a hidden tonsil stone.

This is the 2nd kind of tonsil stone and also the most difficult one to discover too. This is because in this case, the tonsil stone is almost invisible residing deep in the tonsil crypts. In this type, all you can find out is the smell coming out from your throat. See An almost Instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath 


tonsil crypts

How to detect this?

You need to have a lot of patience to detect this. This is because in this case, your tonsils look exactly same as others having no tonsil stones. So detect this, you need to use a finger/qtip. With the finger you need to poke the entire tonsil. Even slide the flap of the tonsil. Thus by poking and pushing the tonsil gland, the stone lying the crypt suddenly gets visble. See How to remove tonsil stone stuck in deep crypt

3. Dark blood like spot (Dark Tonsil stones) :

A case of black tonsil stonesimage: paulingraham

Though this is somewhat rare, your tonsil stone looks like a peculiar dark black/brownish spot on your tonsils. This generally happens when impurities or debris get to buildup around your already formed tonsil stone. See The black tonsil stones. What do these dark spots indicate?

How to detect this?

This is almost same as the normal tonsil stone. All you need to do is take a flashlight and mirror and look for the brownish black spot on your tonsils instead of the white one.

4. A small tonsil stone under a cave-like Tonsil hole:

tonsil stones in hole


For some people, they tend to have one or two deep holes on their tonsil glands. So for people having tonsil holes, the tonsil stone may look somewhat different. Generally, in this type of cases, tonsil stones are formed in these holes which look like a small food piece stuck in a cave-like hole. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

How to detect this?

As tonsil holes look like deep holes, it is better you ask another person to look for the tonsil stone.You need to bend your head as much as possible so that the cave-like hole becomes completely visible. Thus once you bent your head, the other person can identify for the tonsil stone using a strong flashlight or by taking a photo of the tonsils using a camera.

5. Green Tonsil stones:

green tonsil stone


This is another kind of variation how a tonsil stone may sometimes show up. Yes, when you have excess mucus/pus your stone may look like a green rock like thing settled on the tonsils. See Understanding and eliminating Green Tonsil stones. What do they indicate?

How to detect this?

To detect this, you can take a cotton bud and swipe it on the stone present on your tonsils. All you see is some sticky matter that gets stuck on the cotton bud which confirms that you have a tonsil stone surrounded by mucus/pus.

Sometimes this can even happen when you eat a lot of green leafy vegetables. In such a case the green color just appears as a stain on the white tonsil stone.

Thus whatever may be the variations, if your tonsil stone looks like any of the 5 above stated kinds, you can be sure that the core reason for your bad breath is nothing but your underlying tonsil stones.


Tonsil stones symptoms just start as a small white spot.

But as days pass by, they start giving more and more awkward symptoms making you feel completely inferior and insecure.

Tonsil stones straight away attack your tonsils causing tonsil swelling, scary infections, ear pain and it becomes difficult to even swallow.


If you want to absolutely stop all these embarrassing effects of tonsil stones. If you want to get rid of these pungent stones completely and naturally.

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