How to use Waterpik for Tonsil stone removal? Is it possible?

How to use Waterpik for Tonsil stone removal? Is it possible?

Disclaimer: First of all I am no way promoting the waterpik company. I am just using the word “Waterpik” instead of “oral irrigator” as many people don’t know this terminology.

Tonsil stones are yellowish-white rock like things that are formed on one’s tonsils. Unless you remove them, they won’t go away and literally causing a severe bad breath.

Though many people know that a Waterpik is used to clean your teeth, only a few know that this effective device can also be used to remove those smelling tonsil stones present in one’s throat.

So.. What is a Waterpik?

A Waterpik is a device which is used by many people to maintain oral hygiene. It creates a pressure of water through the thin pipe provided to it. As the water comes with a perfect pressure it is used to clear off the dirt and plaque present in the teeth and mouth.

Can I use this Waterpik for removing tonsil stones in my throat?

In my book Tonsil stones eliminator I mentioned that using the Waterpik is one of the best methods to remove tonsil stones in your mouth.

First, you need to understand that, Tonsils are sensitive glands present on either side of your throat. They have a peculiar structure with a number of deep crypts and high tops along the surface. See The Natural way out for eliminating tonsil stones completely

Here you can look at the microscopic image of the tonsils


In general, the tonsil stones which look like small grains get stuck in these deeper crypts of the tonsils.

Thus these stones, won’t come out easily and make a person go crazy due to the bad smell they produce.

Now, when you use a Waterpik, the pressure of water strikes directly at your tonsil glands. As the water goes in a thin stream it enters even into the deep crypts of the tonsils thus easily pushing the stones out.

And thus, Waterpik can be easily considered as one of the best methods for the removal of tonsil stones. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

How to use Waterpik for Tonsil stones Removal?

  1. Buy an oral irrigator from any of the stores available.
  2. Now take a flashlight and mirror and adjust them such that you can clearly see your tonsils and tonsil stones.
  3. Once you are ready with this, fill the oral irrigator with lukewarm water. This is because cold water can be sharp and can cause bleeding.
  4. Now, Carefully adjust the pressure of the water stream. (Initially, begin with a low stream pressure)
  5. As the water streams start coming, slowly start cleaning your tonsils.
  6. Patiently, clean down the entire tonsils and the skin surrounding it such that the water stream enters all the crypts(holes) of your tonsils.
  7. Continue doing this until all your tonsil stones come out. If you are unable to make the stones come out, slightly increase the pressure of the water and try the same procedure again.
  8. Once you are sure that the tonsil stones have been removed completely, gargle using a mouthwash such that all the dirt and particles come out.

The Biggest problem with using oral irrigator/Waterpik for Tonsil stone removal:

waterpik for tonsil stones

Listen though, oral irrigators are one of the best devices which can be used to remove one’s tonsil stones, they have their own set of drawbacks too.

One of the biggest problems with using the oral irrigator is the water stream it produces may sometimes be so sharp that it may cause your tonsils to bleed. See Facing blood while Removing Tonsil stones? Cure Tonsil stones bleeding edit

Yes, as the oral irrigators are designed for cleaning teeth, the pressure of water they produce may be somewhat sharper. On the other hand, the tonsils are sensitive and they may get damaged when the oral irrigator is directed directly on them.

Thus all you need to do is begin with the lowest pressure possible. You need to set the oral irrigator pressure to the lowest point and then use it on tonsils. Only when you feel that your tonsil stones are not coming,  you need to increase the speed to the next point and thus continue the same.

Why People Get confused when buying oral irrigators for Tonsil stones:

Listen buying oral irrigator for tonsil stones is completely different when compared to buying them for teeth.

This is one of the biggest mistake people do and thus end up damaging their tonsils and skin around them (causing the tonsils to bleed).

When you are buying oral irrigator for tonsils you need to consider an irrigator with a low-pressure setting possible. Thus this doesn’t damage the sensitive skin of your tonsils.

I have researched, many products, forums, and people and thus giving you the 3 best oral irrigators which are best for your tonsils (As they have low pressure and don’t damage your tonsils) See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Best 3 oral irrigators that are effective for removing tonsil stones:

Unlike others, we are no way promoting any products and are truly, genuinely giving the best oral irrigators that truly worked to people.

Hangsun Cordless Oral Irrigator:

best waterpik for tonsil stones

When I started searching for the most gentle stream oral irrigators, the best thing I could find is the Hangsun oral irrigator. The biggest thing to consider this oral irrigator is that it has a soft mode which is specially designed to produce gentle pressure (just like a massage)

You can also see the people’s reviews who didn’t even bleed in-spite having bleeding gums. This clearly shows how much gentle it will be.

Thus I strongly agree that this is one of the best oral irrigator suitable for tonsil stones. You can Get it online here

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Water Flosser:

best oral irrigator for tonsil stones

This is another best oral irrigator which has got some rave reviews. The biggest advantage of this irrigator is its portable nature and its simplicity.

The most important thing is that Panasonic clearly mentions that it can be used for sensitive gums and children. So you can clearly understand that how much low-pressure stream it can create. You can Get it online here

Remember you need to add on the Panasonic EW0955W Replacement Nozzle for Oral Irrigator to make it an irrigator else it works as a flosser.

PECHAM Oral irrigator:

best water pik for tonsil stone removal

The PECHAM oral irrigator is one of the Amazon’s best seller and has got many people who clearly state that it is best for entire family even kids. This is the evident proof that it too can have a gentle safe water pressure stream.

Moreover, It has 10 variable water pressure selections. Thus you can easily find the most comfortable and effective pressure setting. This makes this another best oral irrigator, especially for tonsil stones. You can Get it online here


An oral irrigator is just a device to remove existing tonsil stones.

This no way clears the root cause causing your tonsil stones. This is the reason, many people get horrible tonsil stones even after clearing them using the Waterpik.

Thus within few days, the stones may be back causing the horrendous smell again.


If you want to completely clear off the root cause causing your tonsil stones. If you want to eliminate your tonsil stones permanently such that they won’t come back again..

Here is what to do..

Watch this important CASE STUDY that helps you eliminate Tonsil stones completely forever…

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