4 Ways you can Reduce Tonsil stones Ear Pain..(Clogged ears)

Tonsil stones are the accumulation of food particles in tonsil crypts. Tonsil stones generally give out a number of symptoms such as a heavy bad breath, feeling of something stuck, metallic taste etc.

But another most common and severe symptom of tonsil stones is its severe ear pain. Yes, Tonsil stones and ear pain are interrelated.

Now you may get a doubt..

“My Tonsil stones are in the throat? Then why am I getting pain in ear?”

Tell me why, there is always only one common doctor dealing ear, nose and throat. (ENT). This is because 3 of them are closely related.

That means a problem affecting one of the 3 can eventually affect the other two things too.  See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

The nerve pathways…

tonsil stones ear pain real cause

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Yes, here comes the real reason. There are nerve pathways on the tonsil, throat that are leading to the ear. Thus if a tonsil stone on the tonsil touches this nerve of the ear, your ear will start to ache.

Thus, the tonsil stones even being in your throat, start causing a severe ear pain. See Do tonsil stones go away on their own?

Why do I have clogged ears during tonsil stones?

Listen to this true story in a tonsil stones forums..

True story: Strange feeling in my left ear – it feels like I have glue in it or something and when I move my jaw or swallow it feels like something is brushing against my inner ear.

Sometimes, you can even have clogged ears because of tonsil stones. You will have a feeling like there is some glue present in your ear. This feels like a tonsil stones ear pressure.

Many people in such a case start poking their ears just causing the damage to the ears.

But the reason for this is completely a different thing..

It’s your Mucus and Post nasal drip.

In my book “Tonsil stones Eliminator” I said that in some cases the mucus and post nasal drip are the real reason behind your tonsil stones. The mucus often start accumulating with bacteria forming tonsil stones in your mouth.

So this mucus travels even to ear and feels make you feel like your ears are clogged.

Thus, In such a case your ear pressure is because of your mucus and post nasal drip and not your tonsil stones. See Are my tonsil stones because of post nasal drip? What to do?

4 ways to reduce Tonsil stones ear pain..

Though we can not stop the tonsil stones ear pain without removing the stones, but we can reduce the ear pain by following some best ways.

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish remedies which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we tonsilstoneremedies.net are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

Hot Salt Water Gargle:

salt to reduce tonsil stones ear pain

Salt has some great properties that can reduce bacteria and inflammation present. So take some water and heat it upto a warm temperature. Then add 2-3 spoons of salt and mix it slightly.

Now start gargling with this salt water, slightly tilting your head towards the side having tonsil stones. Sometimes a hard gargle can even move your tonsil stones thus reducing the ear pain completely. See The Natural way for eliminating Tonsil stones

Inhaling the warm steam:

In many cases, tonsil stones ear pain is caused by the underlying mucus production and post nasal drip. The mucus produced in the sinuses slowly drips down to the throat and ear causing severe ear pain. This can even be the reason for clogged ears and ear pressure.


Now inhaling warm steam can reduce this mucus accumulation thus giving an instant relief. This is a strong method that gives quick results. So you can even follow this any number of times whenever you feel some pain in the ear. You can even add some pain relieving balms if needed. See Should I get my tonsils removed. Is it the best way out

4 Ways to Reduce Tonsil stones ear pain

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Try taking Lozenges:

can lozenges reduce tonsil stones ear pain?

Most of the lozenges have anesthetic properties. Thus these anesthetic properties make you feel less pain. This is similar to the anesthesia used while surgeries.

Thus if you are feeling severe pain, you can try lozenges that reduce the pain in both ear and tonsil areas. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

A Warm Ginger Tea:

ginger tea to reduce tonsil stones ear pain


Studies prove that warm liquids tend to relieve any pain caused in ear and throat. Thus taking a warm tea gives a relief to your aching ear.

Ginger is another natural food that has some anti-inflammatory properties. Thus adding ginger in the warm tea, can make that tea much more effective in reducing the pain. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

Don’t leave behind the Root cause:

All the 4 remedies which I said above are helpful to reduce the increasing ear pain. But you must never forget the root cause causing this ear pain.. “The underlying Tonsil stones”.

So you must and need to eliminate your tonsil stones as soon as possible. Else the ear pain can come again and again.


Ear pain is just one symptom of tonsil stones.

Unless you get rid of your tonsil stones completely, your ear pain won’t go away completely.

More over the bacteria of tonsil stones can even cause spine chilling throat problems like tonsillitis, strep throat, sore throat etc..


If you want to clean out all your tonsil stones naturally. If you want to get liberated from all these ear, throat problems forever..

Here is what to do..

Watch this important CASE STUDY that wipes out all your tonsil stones completely and naturally..

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