Mushroom shaped yellow things in Tonsil holes – Please Help me

A few days back we have launched a unique program known as “Ask us your doubts“. This is the first ever interactive program that was launched to help people suffering from tonsil stones.

A day back, I got a message from a person. This was his message, I mean.. this is what he suffers..

Hello. I have had tonsil stones for many years. I’m 27yrs old and for the last 7 years one tonsil has been flat and the other had a bulges with little pockets. I’ve always just pressed the little stones out on both sides. Well 3 days the side with the large knot that has holes and squeezes  out stones. I felt something harder inside it. I got to looking in a mirror  and there was able “to break” the top of the knot. When I looked in it. There where these mushroom shape things all in there and they were very hard. They would not just come out or scrape out. So I washed my hands and stuck my finger in the knot feeling all these hard looking things that had a yellow tips.  I couldn’t believe how much my finger went in.  It felt like a small tunnel.  I’m so scared that it’s something else.  I looked for whites “patches ” around my mouth but frankly  I don’t see anything crazy everything is a little lightish colored. Sometimes I will get a white bump on my tongue but I always use tweezers and take it off. I smoked for three years in the army and have been smoke free for 4. What are the yellow hard  pieces inside this huge cave now… they would not come out with tweezers. Please help

The first mistake people do..

Many people just ignore and don’t eliminate tonsil stones for many years. Thus they suffer from a number of side effects of tonsil stones later. As I mentioned in my book “Tonsil stones eliminator“, elimination of tonsil stones means not just removing them, but eliminating them permanently such that they won’t come back again.

Why One tonsil has bulged..

The swelling and bulging of tonsils are one of the most common symptoms of tonsil stones. You need to understand that tonsil stones is nothing but the accumulation of bacteria on your tonsils. Thus, the bacteria which is present slowly starts infecting the tonsils slowly and thus result in swelling of the tonsils.

What about Tonsil Holes..:

Some people generally have holes in their tonsil glands. The problem with these holes is that they easily start accumulating food particles, leading to the formation of tonsil stones. Though the cause of these holes is still unknown, you need to be extra cautious if you have holes in your tonsil glands. Same is the case with the above-discussed person.

What to do now:

The mushroom shaped things are nothing but the accumulation of tonsil stones for many days. Yes, they are hard and yellowish-white in color. As I discussed in my articles, tonsil stones can be triggered by a number of reasons, in which smoking is one. This is what you need to follow exactly, to solve your problem..

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1.  Removal of all stones:

Tonsilolith removal unique technique with tongue

Firstly, you need to remove all tonsil stones present in the holes of your tonsils. This must be the first and foremost thing you need to do. Make sure that you eliminate all the stones completely and there are no stones left. In the above discussed case, the tonsil stones are soo deep and can’t be seen. See 5 Ways to remove Tonsil stones even if you can’t see them

2.  Healing of Tonsil Tissues by curing the infection:

Once you remove the stones, now you need to heal the infection. Many times the tonsil stones which have formed damages the tonsil tissues present in the throat. So you need to cure this damaged part of the tonsil glands.

Try Turmeric pepper Gargling:

Turmeric has some unbelievable exceptional characteristics to heal wounds. This is the reason why turmeric was applied on wounds during the olden days. So all you need to do is, take some turmeric powder in a glass. Add some pepper and water to the turmeric. This forms a turmeric pepper solution. Gargle with this solution as many times as possible. This gradually heals the damaged tissues.

You can also start eating a spoon of honey every morning. This slowly cures the infection and heals the damaged tissues.

3.  Stopping the problem permenantly:

Your tonsils have holes. So there is a big chance that the tonsil stones can come again and again. What you need to do is eliminating the core cause that is resulting in the formation of stones. So you need to follow some perfect measures and practices such that the tonsil stones will never come back again.

As I said before, the biggest mistake everyone does is, ignoring tonsil stones for days and weeks. The tonsil stones which we ignore slowly result in a number of sub-problems like terrible bad breath, recurrent strep throats, ear, throat pains etc etc. The most irritating thing about these stones is that even they are removed once, they come back again and again thus making your life so gloomy.

But Now, Here is what to do..

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