Do you know the True hidden reasons of Bad breath?

Halitosis causes

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When ever you feel a bad breath, you simply take a mouth freshner and start eating it. But you don’t ever think the true cause for your bad breath.

So why does a bad breath actually come from a person’s mouth? Is there any specific reason? What are its complications in the mere future? See Does mouth sprays truly control bad breath?

Bad breath True Causes and reasons:

Bad breath sometimes would be very much intolerable for you as well as to the person standing next to you.  But in order to get rid of this, you must first know the real true reasons behind the cause of this problem.

So let us now discuss the all the true reasons behind this bad breath problem..

Cause 1: Some food got stuck in your mouth

eating causes halitosis

In many cases, the bad breath/ halitosis is caused by the food that got stuck in your mouth. Whenever we eat some foods, some particles of the food get stuck in the deep regions of mouth. Even brushing may not remove these particles effectively. Thus the saliva in the food starts breaking down the food in the mouth itself. Thus we eventually suffer bad breath coming from our mouth. See What are other unknown causes of Bad Breath

Cause 2: Presence of Tonsil Stones

number one cause of halitosis

The presence of tonsil stones is the major reason for the cause of severe bad breath in people. So people who suffer from bad breath need to check for the symptoms of tonsil stones and thus take proper cure if they exist. According to a survey conducted recently, 75% of the unknown bad breath cases are due to the existence of tonsil stones. See Is my bad breath because of hidden Tonsil stones?

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Cause 3: Dried up Mouth:

Why do you think people suffer a heavy bad breath during morning when they get up? This is because, your mouth got completely dried up during the whole night and thus accumulated some bacteria.. So a dried up mouth eventually gives out a bad breath. So practice drinking water many times a day so that your mouth will not get dried up completely. See Know the natural bad breath cures that truly work

Cause 4: Unclean Tongue:

tongue reason behind the cause of haitosis

Sometimes, the tongue may be one of the strongest source for the cause of bad breath in your mouth. Leave the tongue without cleaning for a week, your mouth would start giving out an unending heavy bad breath. So not scraping the tongue properly is also a strong reason for the bad breath. See Identifying source spot of bad breath in your mouth: Powerful Treatment

reason for bad breath

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Cause 5: It may be your stomach:

can your stomach be the cause of halitosis

Some times, the food what we eat may not be digested properly. This results in producing some foul gases from your stomach in the form of burps. Often people confuse these burps as halitosis or bad breath coming out from their mouth.

Cause 6: Did you suffer Hepatitis or porphyria or gingivitis? :

Hepatitis is flu like fever that is developed due to the problem in liver and porphyria is about skin infection which is related to nervous system. On the other hand gingivitis is an unique gum problem.

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When a person is suffering from hepatitis or porphyria or gingivitis there is an odd presence of bad breath during the day while interacting with the other person. So if you suffer from any of these disease, it must be the real reason behind the cause of bad breath in your case.

So know the true cause behind your case of bad breath and get rid of this embarassing problem permanently giving your social and personal life a healthy boost…


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