9 natural remedies to clear away Tonsiliths – Tonsil stones (Updated)

Natural Tonsil Stones Remedies

“Nature is the Best healer of any disease – Hippocrates”

Nature has given us the required resources to treat any problem of our body. But the crucial thing is that you need to find out the way to use the nature’s products to cure your problem.

Today I’ll reveal out the most exceptional 9 simple natural methods for the removal of tonsil stones (tonsiliths) without even touching them physically.

What is a tonsil stone?

Tonsils are small flaps of flesh located on either side of your throat, just beyond the back of your tongue. However, the tonsils tend to collect small bits of food and mucus. When these materials become lodged on the flaps of the tonsils, they can eventually harden and compact, forming tonsil stones. See Real life pictures of Tonsil Stones

What causes tonsil stones?

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Tonsil stones are formed when food particles get trapped in the deep tonsillar crypts and are acted upon by bacteria and digestive enzymes present in saliva. Tonsil stones can be irritating and feel like you have something stuck in your throat. See A Clear cut Tonsil stones diagnosis and its symptoms in your throat

The Super 9 natural remedies to treat tonsil Stones :

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9 natural remedies to cure Tonsil stones effectively

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Remedy 1 –  Gargling with Mouth-Wash or Saline water:

natural way to cure tonsil stones

Gargling is one of the best tonsil stone remedy ever. If you have got tiny calcium deposits on the exterior of your tonsils, gargling will take care of it before they have the chance to grow. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

For this purpose, you can either use a non-alcohol based mouth wash or a glass of saline water. I suggest using salt water as it doesn’t contain any chemicals and is much more natural.

Take a glass full of water. Add 2-3 spoons of salt in it. Now gargle with this water atleast 2 to 3 times every day.

What many other people/websites don’t tell you is two important points you need to remember while doing this practice.

  • Start gargling before the salt completely dissolves. Thus the crystals which are not dissolved start rubbing against your tonsil crypts and remove the stones.
  • Gargle as hard as possible. It may be painful to your cheeks, but continue gargling harder and harder. Only such a gargling can remove your hardly stuck up tonsil stones.

Remedy 2: Remove them using q-tip or Waterpik:

q-tips tonsil stone removal

This is another most popular method of removing Tonsil stones. In this method, we physically remove the stones with pressure. In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” I explained how we can use a q-tip/cotton bud to slowly dislodge the stones from the tonsils.

Another thing we can use is the oral irrigator/Waterpik in which we clear out the stones using a pressurized stream of water.

Remedy 3: The Head Tilt Method

head tilt gargle tonsil stones

Read this true story across Forums

Using a cotton swap did no work for me. I could not get that far back in my mouth without gagging. What worked for me was tilting my head back and gargling with a mixture of salt. apple cider vinegar and water. I also gargled with a hydrogen peroxide and water (DON’T SWALLOW) mixture. I alternated the mixtures for a few days. The tonsil stones dislodged and I was able to spit them out painlessly.

In some cases using a q-tip may not work as the tonsil stones are present deep in the throat. In such a case, the head tilt method gives you a way out to remove these deep stones.

In this method, Just tilt your head as much as possible. After initial tilting, take any strong acidic solution like hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar. Now with the solution try to gargle as hard as possible. This will result in the acidic solution directly touching the stone even though they are not visible. See The Natural way out to eliminate tonsil stones completely

Such a hard gargle for few minutes will eventually result in dislodging the stones out immediately. Try it now..

Remedy 4 – The dissolving Method:

In this method, we dissolve the tonsil stones naturally. Thus removing them physically is not at all needed.There are two strong ways that help in dissolving these hard stones naturally.

Tonsil stones apple cider vinegar
  • Vinegar Gargle: One of the important quality of vinegar is that it can dissolve calcium very easily. So Gargling with vinegar solution daily will naturally dissolve the calcium tonsil stones within few days. You can get apple cider vinegar at any of the stores or online here (Raw Apple Cider Vinegar).
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is another food that can dissolve the Tonsil stones naturally. Try placing fresh yogurt on your tonsils everyday for as much time as possible.

Remedy 5 – Sneezing, Coughing and flexing your throat:

tonsil stones sneezing coughing

Sometimes sneezing, coughing can also make the stones in the crypts to come out naturally. Thus try flexing your throat using a toothbrush, tongue, toothpick, etc.

Remedy 6 –  Finger push :

Try pressing a finger against the bottom of the tonsil and pushing upward to remove the tonsil stones.

This is another brilliant technique that removes the tonsil stone permanently. Open your mouth wide open. Push the area beside the tonsils, like the deep cheek. Move from one area to another area of your mouth slightly pushing with the finger.

Thus by this technique at some or the other place, the crypt gets moved and tonsil stone automatically comes out of it. See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

Remedy 7 – Drink Water

Simple remedy for tonsil stone treatment

You may feel this to be a simple remedy but it is an effective one in many of the tonsil stones cases. Drink abundance of water throughout the day which hydrates the throat clears off the existing tonsil stones due to the pressure of the water.

For more effectiveness try drinking the water by tilting your head so much. This increases the pressure of the water touching the tonsil. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

Remedy 8 – Hydrogen peroxide gargle:

This is another method that eliminates tonsil stones. I have heard a number of success cases just because of the use of hydrogen peroxide.So don’t forget this natural method as it is one of the most working effective ways that made wonders in a number of cases.

Hydrogen peroxide has a significant feature of dissolving calcium stones. This is why gargling hydrogen peroxide will easily dissolve the tonsil stones present on your tonsil.

Just take a small cup of hydrogen peroxide. Then add a small amount of water to it for dilution. Then gargle for atleast 30 seconds such that the hydrogen peroxide touches your tonsils. Follow this every day throughout the week. Within a few days, you can observe the decreasing size of stones due to dissolving. See An almost instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath

Remedy 9 – Dropper Device Technique:

tonsil stones medicine dropper

A medicine dropper especially one with a curved tip can help to suck out the stones if they are small enough. These devices are available in all the medical stores or you can Get a medicine dropper online here. Open your mouth wide.

Take a mirror and keenly observe for the white spot present on your tonsils. Once you found out the location of the stones, you now need to use the medicine dropper to act upon it. Make the curved tip of the device touch your stones and in just a second of time you can suck up the stones present. See Where can I get a step by step clear guidance that helps eliminate my tonsil stones?

Removing tonsil stones can be done naturally and without painful surgery. Removing tonsil stone can be relatively easy contrary to what other people may think.


You are trying to eliminate tonsil stones Naturally. So, there is always an unreliable risk that it may take longer periods to identify and eliminate the existing stones. But with days passing by, these Yellowish – irregular shaped objects start giving unbearable still smell until you are forced for a painful tonsil surgery.


If you want to completely wipe-out your tonsil stones quickly within few days. If you want to liberate yourself from these bad breath and tonsil stones.

Here is what to do..

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