Are Tonsil stones contagious? Also what about tonsil stones bacteria?

Are Tonsil stones contagious? Also what about tonsil stones bacteria?

Whenever a person gets a small tonsil stone in his mouth, the first thing he/she start to worry is..

“Are Tonsil stones contagious?” “Are tonsil stones contagious via kissing and via saliva?”

Yes, I agree that there is a lot of wrong information that is circulating on the web. But Today, I am going to reveal the actual truth and clear off all your doubts.

How is a Tonsil stone actually formed?

Before telling you whether tonsil stones are contagious or not, you need to first know how a tonsil stone is formed.

Tonsil stones are accumulations of food particles that are formed on one’s tonsils. Initially, when you eat food, a few particles get stuck on crypts of your tonsils.

As days pass by, these accumulated food particles feed more and more bacteria thus forming a stone like structure known as the tonsil stone. See The Natural way out for eliminating Tonsil stones completely

Are tonsil stones contagious?

In my book “Tonsil stones eliminator” I also told that at times tonsil stones are formed all because of mucus and post-nasal drip in your throat.

So, whatever may be your cause, tonsil stones are formed due to the bacteria that are accumulated on stuck food particle or mucus.

Coming to the point, Are Tonsil stones contagious?

In general, any disease can be transmitted only in two forms. It can be either by direct transmission or indirect transmission.

So, Let’s get into each thing one by one.

Are Tonsil stones Contagious by kissing or Droplet Spread? (Direct transmission)

A person having a mouthful of tonsil stones has a lot of bacteria buildup in his mouth and throat.

So when he/she kiss their partner, or the person’s droplets enter another body obviously the bacteria from the person having tonsil stones enters the mouth of the other person.

So let me ask you one thing. What does this bacteria alone do without having any accumulations of food/mucus in your mouth?

Remember without having a host for tonsil stones the bacteria can’t form any tonsilloliths in the mouth

So if a person doesn’t have any food accumulations and doesn’t have any mucus accumulations, the bacteria can’t form tonsil stones at any cost.

Are Tonsil stones contagious by Air/ Food and water contamination?  (Indirect transmission)

I have already said the bacteria, even though after entering another person’s mouth can’t do anything. This is because it doesn’t have a host like food particle to develop into a tonsil stone.

Same with the case of indirect transmission too. Whatever may be the transmission mode like food/water etc, the bacteria can’t form tonsil stones on its own. See How to get rid of my tonsil stones Quickly tonight?

What about tonsil stones bacteria? Does tonsil stones bacteria spread from one person to another?

So, By now I have cleared that tonsil stones are not at all contagious. So what about the tonsil stones bacteria that enter the other person’s mouth.

When a person has tonsil stones in his mouth, it is clear that accumulations of bacteria are present in his/her mouth.

The biggest problem is that this tonsil stones bacteria can easily spread into another person’s mouth.

Yes, the tonsil stones bacteria spread from one person to another when you do things like deep intense kissing, sharing same spoons and utensils etc.

Though this tonsil stones bacteria cannot form tonsil stones in the other person’s mouth, they can cause a number of problems which include –

  • A bad sore throat
  • Strep throats
  • Tonsillitis etc
  • and many other infections that are caused by bacteria in the mouth.

Let me explain you more briefly..

Tonsils are the glands which are made to stop the bacteria that enters the inner body. So when such a gland has tonsil stones, it accumulates whatever bacteria that enters the person’s mouth. See Should I Get my Tonsils removed? Is it the best way out?

Are tonsil stones contagious by kissing?

For example, Julie has tonsil stones. Having tonsil stones, day after day Julie accumulates different types of bacteria. So, when strep bacteria enter Julie’s mouth the bacteria is normally stopped by her tonsils from entering deep. Now due to the presence of tonsil stones, the stones start to accumulate more and more bacteria causing an infection. So when Julie kisses John, this strep bacteria spreads to John and John is effected with a bad strep throat finally.

This is what I mean by “tonsil stones bacteria spreads from one person to another”.

Sometimes, while tonsil stones bacteria entering the other person’s mouth, if the new person’s tonsil is already having food accumulations/mucus, this bacteria can even result in forming new tonsil stones too.See “I am getting these stones again and again” What should I do?

4 Safety precautions a person must take to avoid the spread of Tonsil stones bacteria:

Though the tonsil stones bacteria, can’t definitely cause infections in other person’s mouth, it is better to prevent this from happening.

Many websites, across the internet give out the same bookish remedies which doesn’t work to real people. Unlike them we are giving complete research-backed solutions from almost 7 Years. Thus you will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet.

1. Using Mouthwash before Kissing:

Are tonsillolths contagious?

Image Source

Kissing is one thing in which the saliva directly enters from one person’s mouth to another. This is possible in case of deep intimate kissing.

So if a person having tonsil stones kisses another person, the bacteria containing saliva enters the other person’s mouth and settles down finding a new host.

So it is important that both the persons must gargle using a mouthwash each time when they decide to kiss. Thus doing so, can kill the germs and bacteria in the person’s mouth at-least for a few hours. See Mouthwash for tonsil stones: The 6 best ones that truly work

2. Avoid sharing utensils/kissing while the person has some bacteria infection:

Are tonsil stones contagious by sharing utensils?

Though this is not compulsory, it is better to avoid sharing the utensils at the same time with the person having tonsil stones. This is mainly in the case of using the same spoon at the same time.

Though this may make the tonsil stones sufferer feel embarrassed, doing so you are avoiding the bacteria spread to another person. Moreover, this is more important if the person is currently having some throat/tonsil infection. See An almost Instant way to stop tonsil stones and its bad breath 

Are Tonsil stones contagious? Also what about tonsil stones bacteria?

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3. Stop smoking cigarettes:

Are tonsil stones bacteria contagious?

Do you know one of the best preventive measures for avoiding tonsil stones is to stop smoking cigarettes? Yes, This is because it not only increases the bacteria in the mouth but also produces excess mucus causing more tonsil stones.

Thus stopping cigarettes, by both the person having tonsil stones and the other person is a must if you want to avoid the spread of tonsil stones bacteria. See Does smoking cause tonsil stones? The truth we discovered

4. Avoiding morning things:

couple kissing and tonsil stones

According to a recent research, morning (especially before brush) is the time when bacteria presence is very high in the mouth. This is even more in the case of a person having tonsil stones.

So it is better you avoid morning kisses and saliva exchanging things in these morning times.


Tonsil stones look like a simple stone on your tonsil.

But as days pass by, they start giving out a stale smelling bad breath, making you feel so embarrassed to even kiss your partner.

Tonsil stones straight away attack your tonsil tissues causing swelling, ear pain and scary infections, that you can’t even hide from others.


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Here is what to do..

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