An Unrevealed casestudy on Tonsil stones

"Oh God, It is getting horrible now"

These are the terrifying words Elsa spoke, as she smelled a whiff of stinky breath, coming from the back of her throat..

Elsa was literally shocked to see her tonsils, filled with clusters of stones, that were almost impossible to remove.

And Right at that moment..

When she was about to give-up and breakdown.. 

Something strange happened. Even Elsa didn’t knew that, in the next few minutes of time, her life is going to change forever

In fact, it was the time when Elsa came upon a biggest secret that knocked out all her tonsil stones completely and naturally..

With that, Elsa clearly understood that this one secret holds the key to eliminating one’s tonsil stones for life..

But not even one in a thousand even knows this unrevealed method..

Hii I’m Jackz.. (Founder and author at

I know exactly what it’s like to suffer from these pesky tonsil stones.

I’ve spent too much of my life seeing the serious symptoms that tonsil stones have left many people with.

I’ve been on virtually every tonsil related website on the internet and read everything available related to tonsil stone relief.

Finally after years of seeing people with tonsil stones as a health researcher, I’ve witnessed a secret way to be the key to eliminate one’s tonsil stones.

My search for tonsil stone relief is finally over and I am thrilled to share this sensitive case study of Elsa with you.

It started back when Elsa was just 24….

                Those were the days when Elsa was falling in love with her life. She was happily enjoying life moments with all her friends and dates.

Until one day..

One strange thing entered her life. She don’t even know about them, till her ENT said they were called “The Tonsil stones”.

Gloomy Bad breath started entering all parts of elsa’s life.

Slowly her friends, and family relatives started cracking jokes in her absence.

Elsa was first angry. But slowly she started a strange feeling like not to meet anyone.

Yes, she have ignored them all…

And then came the incident…

It was the day when her roommate set her up on a blind date with a cute boy in her chemistry class.

They met at an adorable coffee shop. Elsa was wearing a brand new outfit and couldn’t wait to finally speak to the boy she had fantasized about all year. After Elsa ordered their fancy coffee drinks (and he paid for her!), they sat down on a comfortable couch.

He asked Elsa about her and she told him everything there is to know about her family, friends, career ambitions, and hobbies. Elsa couldn’t stop smiling because she was finally having a conversation with a boy she admired.

At the end of the date, however, Elsa noticed something strange. Her date didn’t give Elsa a hug goodbye or ask her out again.

Elsa tried to think positive and waited for him to call her to schedule another date. The days of waiting turned into months and Elsa decided to call him and find out why he didn’t want to see her again.

After the phone call, Elsa was in tears. The cute boy told elsa that he wanted nothing to do with her because her breath smelled terrible and he believed she was dirty and unable to take care of herself.

That’s it, All her dreams, feelings shattered in a second. Her heart became heavy. Tears started swirling in her eyes. She came to the car and cried as her bad breath embarrassment started making her shiver.

Even though, Elsa eliminated her tonsil stones completely later (Which I am going to reveal you how in this case study), This incident left a dark scar in her life forever.

And this is just a sample of incidents that happen in most of the tonsil stones cases..

Sometimes, people even suffer with tonsil stones for years and years and years together..

True Story: I Have Tonsil Stones. I’ve been living with tonsil stones since the age of 8 (almost 20 now).By this point I was having to remove up to 4 tonsil stones a month. It’s horrible having to live with it.

True Story: I have had tonsil stones for almost five years. One week I got 4 tonsil stones, then the following two weeks nothing, then the week after that I got like 7 tonsil stones. I didn’t know what to do I’m totally petrified now.

Believe me there are even scary stories of tonsil stones, in which people were not even able to talk properly.

Your Story has already started too…

Yes, your story of tonsil stones has started too.

At times, those nasty Tonsil stones triggers fear, stress and sometimes even depression.

These stones slowly sucks away your happiness, free ness, and many other sensitive feelings of your life.


Tell me, Are you that normal weak person, who accept problems and suffer all along?

Maybe it’s your intense desire and hope, that brought you to this page..

Just, Believe me, these are the last days of your Tonsil stones problem. I promise, Within few days… Everything is gonna change.

So Take a deep breath, while i reveal some biggest secrets about tonsil stones which you could have never heard before.

The 3 Secrets of Tonsil stones no-one discusses.. (Not even doctors)

When I locked myself in my office, and searched through years of tonsil stones notes, courses and transcripts… 

first it was a slow going. 

But then i noticed some strange facts..


According to recent shocking researches, Do you know, the cause for Tonsil stones is completely different for different persons? 

And Yes, the cure you choose must act only on that cause. For example..what is the point of using a mouthwash daily, but your tonsil stones are caused by mucus and post nasal drip.


Do you know the treatment for tonsil stones works, only if you constructed it based on the type of your stone?

So, What’s the type of your stone? (hidden, visible white spot, bleeding stones or any other)


Do you know the correct Pre & Post cure that needs to be done during the removal of tonsil stones?

People directly pull out the tonsil stone and get away thinking that it is over. But, a proper pre-treatment and post-treatment are what everyone misses.

These are the mistakes, everyone like you, does (while trying to cure tonsil stones) and thus suffer with tonsil stones for years together.

So now you could have understood, why every treatment and remedy across the web is failing.

This is what “Tonsil stones eliminator” exactly solves – Solving the missing puzzle.

Yes, With my 7-step Tonsil stones eliminator, you’ll not only remove your deep Tonsil stones but also put an undeniable seal to your embarrassing Bad breath.

Here it is..


Tonsil stones eliminator

This book does not contain general advises like “Eat Good food” “Maintain oral hygiene” etc which you already know. But instead, it contains some deep tested working methods that works on true people.

“I am blown away.. Got results so quickly and effeciently”

” I have tried the doctors and meds and nothing helped!! I was experiencing a really heavy foul plaque type of smell from my mouth and I was so beyond stressed and depressed even because it’s humiliating.

Then I got this ebook.

I was able to find identification with every sign! (I was in stage 3)

Then I tried to remove tonsil stones and it worked!!!. And immediately the extreme bad breath left!!! I literally felt overwhelmed with positive emotions because of to get results so quickly and effectively. It blew my mind.

Again thank you!!!. I am blown away!!

Jenaisse Baez, USA

Inside you'll discover..

And Much much more..

I don’t know how bad your stones are... but I can guarantee that after using this system you will:

I have seen how much embarrassment and suffering this calcium based stone can cause, but I have also seen the joy and relief this all-natural remedy brought to countless people, making it a distant memory.

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