An Unrevealed casestudy on Tonsil Cysts

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It was almost a few Years back..

             Those were the times when Scarlett was falling in love with her life. she was a happy woman working at a nearby company in CA. Her life was all about herself – her friends and her office.

Her story begins on Day 1.

Day 1: It was a fine morning when Scarlett first noticed a bubble like lump on the left of her tonsils. “Is that a mouth sore?” She doubted herself and thus ignored it. But..

Day 10: The sack like bubble started getting bigger. Scarlett started feeling anxious as doubts started to occupy her entire mind. She discussed with all her friends. In fear she even started using mouthwashes, salt, lime etc etc.

True Story: Uhg….had trouble swallowing all of a sudden about a week & a half ago. Looked in mirror in car and noticed little white pocket or lump looking thing on my tonsil.It is a oval shaped bubble like thing. I can’t find my lost peace because of this.

Day 20: May be it was the day that affected her the most. It was the day when her close friend refused to use scarlett’s spoon (to eat food) due to her pus filled tonsil cyst. That’s it, She felt sooo embarassed and humiliated. Tears started swirling in her eyes.

She cried in the bathroom all alone as her increasing lump started making her shiver. After a lot of research, she understood they were called the tonsil cysts. She started trying internet remedies like “ Maintaining oral hygiene” “Scraping it off” etc etc. Days passed by..

True Story: I tried to scrape it off with no luck. No pus came out. Now, since I picked at it, I am having pain on that side off and on, and a swollen lymph node under my jaw on that side. i am fedup because i am using medicine for last 7 months. plzzzz help me out.

Day 30: Scarlett started worrying. With days she developed secondary symptoms like neck swelling, tender pain etc. She didn’t know what to do. Her cyst became much more bigger. Feeling tensed Elsa rushed to her family ENT. She was shocked when her ENT concluded that it cannot be popped out.

True story: The doctor assured me it was a cyst, and said that usually, anywhere else on the body, it would be popped, but because it was attached to my tonsil no one would touch it. I suffer from severe health anxiety and this is making my anxiety become out of control.

Final Day 40: Thinking for a few days, she went on for the surgery and underwent low success rate tonsillectomy. She suffered many days with pain because of surgery.

Later, she understood that she is more affected by viral infections than others. Just because of the removal of tonsils. Though she continued back her routine life. She always know that she was not that happy, as before

END of the story

This is the story that happens in most of the tonsil cysts cases

Sometimes, people even suffer with tonsil cyst for years and years and years together..

True Story: From years I have been told by my doctor that I am definitely suffering with a tonsil cyst. I can see it and feel it, and to be honest it’s driving me potty. Please help me.

Your Story has already started too…

Yes, your story of tonsil cyst has started too.

The undeniable fact of having tonsil cyst in the mouth and searching for a cure on web….. Sometimes this is the most disturbing feeling anyone can have.


Tell me, Are you that normal weak person, who accept problems and suffer all along?

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The 3 Puzzles of Tonsil Cysts no-one discusses.. (Not even doctors)


Do you know, the fluid present in your tonsil cyst is nothing but Mucus?

Yes, If you start controlling the mucus formation in your throat, there is huge chance that your tonsil cysts can go away on their own.


Do you know, In many cases the cause of cysts, is just due to the blockage of mucus producing ducts in your deeper throat?

Thus once you start clearing these blocked ducts, your tonsil cyst slowly reduces in size and goes away eventually giving you an immediate releif.


Do you know the correct Pre & Post cure that needs to be done during the popping of tonsil cysts?

People directly pop out the tonsil cyst and get away thinking that it is over. But, a proper pre-treatment and post-treatment are what everyone misses.

These are the mistakes, everyone like you, does while trying to cure tonsil cysts.

Now, You could have understood why every treatment and remedy across the web is failing.

This is what “Tonsil cyst eliminator” exactly solves – Solving the missing puzzle.

Yes, The 4 Step Tonsil cyst Eliminator pops out even deep Tonsil cysts and puts an undeniable seal permanently.

Here it is..


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This book does not contain general advises like “Eat Good food” “Maintain oral hygiene” etc which you already know. But instead, it contains some deep tested working methods that works on true people.

“It’s really reassuring to know someone’s there to help”

” I’m 36 I’ve never smoked and hardly drink. I’m so worried. The doctor was very confident that it was a cyst. He looked straight at it and said that’s what it was. He said they wouldn’t drain it because of how close to the tonsil it was.

I honestly feel so stressed about it. I’m going do what you say and as often as possible.

Thank you so much again for your help. It’s really reassuring to know someone’s there to help. I really appreciate it.  

Sarah Woodland, USA

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