An Unrevealed casestudy on Tonsil stones


Hii I’m Jackz.. (Founder and author at

In Just 90 seconds from now..

I am going to let you in to the exact way that knocks out all your tonsil stones completely and naturally.

And the craziest part is..

This one perfect way holds the secret to eliminating your tonsil stones for life..

But not even one in a thousand even knows this secret way.

After years of seeing people with tonsil stones as a Health author, I’ve witnessed that this secret way to be the key to eliminate one’s tonsil stones.

No matter how bad your tonsil stones seem right now..

Even if you’re worried about those hidden recurring tonsil stones,

Because the moment, you start using this method..

Those hard stuck tonsil stones come out so easily and naturally without even bleeding.

Because when you attack into the biggest root cause for tonsil stones, the tonsil stones go away all natural way.

So, by now.. you're probably wondering what this secret method is.. Right?

Well to put it simply..

It’s a recently discovered root cause attack that can remove tonsil stones of any size.

Infact this is the strongest method, that strongly stops your tonsil stones from ever coming back.

It’s something i’ve call the “The Muc Flush”

And I now believe, it’s the biggest secret to eliminate one’s tonsil stones completely forever.

Infact how many removal methods , the person may follow, if he don’t do this “Muc flush”…

The Tonsil stones will not leave him. And eventually he’ll suffer with more tonsil stones and the bad breath it causes.

On the other hand, if you know, how to do this Muc Flush, you will start to eliminate your tonsil stones. And they go away so naturally and so completely that you can feel your fresh breath yourself.

How can this be possible?

It’s because the “MUC flush” is a technique that cures the real root cause of tonsil stones..  

Just like we kill bacteria to cure diseases, once you follow this MUC flush, it’ll become more powerful than any other tonsil stone cure.  

Which makes tonsil stones impossible to comeback again..

And in a few minutes, you’ll see how you can use a “secret at-home remedy” I discovered to enforce the MUC flush (by just using a few things and foods from your kitchen).

But first, the best way for you to understand, how you can perform MUC Flush is to see how it worked for a real person.

I’d like you to Meet my friend Elsa, She’s one of my favourite clients.

she was a happy woman working at a nearby company. As much as she worked, she also enjoyed life to the fullest.

       One night I got a call just as i was about to end my evening walk. It was elsa. I recognised her cold, dull voice immediately and rushed to the nearby cafe at the street corner.

From the running eyeliner, And the red puffy eyes, it was obvious it was really bad this time.

She slowly opened her mouth..

just a few months ago,

Her life was all about herself – her boyfriend and her office. She used to talk freely, romance freely, as she always used to have that healthy breath.

Until one day..

When some strange white spot started appearing at the back of her throat.

She don’t even know about them, till her ENT said they were called “The Tonsil stones” .

Elsa first noticed the change in her breath.. Slowly it was increasing day after day.

Elsa ignored everything until one incident stuck her so bad….

It was the day when elsa’s boyfriend moved a distance from her face due to her terrifying bad breath.

That’s it, All her dreams, feelings shattered in a second. Her heart became heavy. She came to the car and cried as her bad breath embarrassment started making her shiver.

Elsa started getting tonsil stones again and again no matter how many times she removed them.

And the worst part was, she felt too embarrassed to even share this with her friends and boyfriend.

I Took a gulp and looked at her tonsils, I wanted to see how bad things actually are..

My heart sank as i put a flash on her loads of tonsil stones. But then something caught my attention.

It was the liquid accumulations at the deep back of her throat. And that’s when it hit me..

On a hunch, we ran back to my office and dug through my old notes on tonsil stones.

Sure enough, buried in one of these notes was that same accumulation in deep throat as of Elsa.

as i sifted through more of these notes, variations of the same accumulations popped up again and again.

I realized i stumbled upon a common accumulation..

And it stuck me that this accumulation was connected to a deep root cause for every case of tonsil stones.

That's when everything clicked..

I suddenly knew exactly what elsa had to do..

It was a long shot, but i explained my idea to her..

Since she was getting tonsil stones, she need to flush off that liquid accumulation. or what i now call The MUC flush

So i gave a all natural procedure that she could do it at home.

And even though i didn’t realize it at that time, I had just created the very first natural remedy.

Because hidden in that natural procedure was a subtle ingredients that was about to clear off everything.

Elsa was skeptical at first..

But as she read the procedure herself.. her eyes lit up and I knew it clicked for her.

So she crossed her fingers and started following the remedy.

Elsa was shocked when that very next week, her breath was becoming fresh. As she slowly opened her mouth.. “They were gone.. The throat was again pink and healthy.”

And Yes.. She was able to see all her tonsil stones go away. She started feeling her fresh breath like never before.

A long way, her stones never again came back..

Now, if you’re going through something like elsa was..

I want to know it’s not your fault..

It’s not because of your bad oral hygeine or the bad food you ate..

Because a tonsil stone is caused by another core accumulation, that forms tonsil stones again and again.

And that all comes down to understanding the important MUC Flush..

By now you’re probably wondering..

what exactly is the MUC.. right?

Well on the surface.. It’s a deep liquid accumulation inside one’s throat that causes tonsil stones..

In other words, tonsil stones are secretly caused by this one liquid in the back of the throat.

That’s causing more and more bad breath too.

But,it’s so much deeper than that..

Do you feel like something stuck and you need to clear your throat all the time?

Do you feel a strand of mucus like thing at the back of your throat?

That is what is the liquid accumulation that is causing tonsil stones to form in your throat.

Now pay close attention because, this is the most important part of this case study.

Remember, flushing off this mucus and liquid accumulation is the surest way to clear off your tonsil stones.

When you do that..

Your tonsil stones slowly start to fall out day after day..

The bad breath that is affecting you from days together start getting better and better.

And it’s because you cleared the root cause causing your tonsil stones.

And when you do this, watch how the stones, come out so easily..

That's what happened when elsa followed the natural remedy daily.

That simple MUC flush, eliminated all her tonsil stones completely forever.

And it was also a real eye-opener for me..

Infact i was shocked at the power of that one natural remedy that i became obsessed with finding more of them.

So I locked myself in my office, searched through my notes, courses, transcripts, from years worth of sessions.

At first it was slow going. But then i noticed something strange..


Everytime one person, eliminated their tonsil stones, I could trace it back to one reason.. A reason, when they had somehow unknowingly cleared their mucus, at that back of their throat.

Sometimes, it can be using some nasal sprays, or using mouthwashes or even using a simple natural remedy like in elsa’s case.  

But they all had one thing in common, They seemed to flush the liquid accumulation at the back of their throat doing the MUC flush.  

And clearing off all those tonsil stones that are stuck on their tonsils.


Unknowingly that was always the turning point.

Everytime, i discoverd, one of the perfect way to do the MUC Flush and eliminate tonsil stones, i wrote it down in my notebook

And i called them MUC Flush..

Because of the incredible ability to perfectly clear the tonsil stones, that too completely naturally,

Then not long ago, i started sharing them with a small handful of the people who were sufferring with tonsil stones.

I told them the elsa story..and taught them how to exactly do the MUC flush for themselves.

And each time i did, i was stunned to hear how well they worked..

Each person instantly went from mouth full of tonsil stones to a fresh mouth with zero tonsil stones and zero bad breath.

Whether it was a deep case of hidden tonsil stones, severly bleeding tonsil stones or heavily smelling recurring tonsil stones the real life success stories, i’ve heard back are nothing short of astonishing.

This is when…

I decided to write all those remedies, solutions, root causes, MUC flush and everything into a guide that puts a strikng end to your Tonsil stones and embarrassing Bad breath forever.

I call it the, “The Tonsil stones eliminator”.



Tonsil stones eliminator

This book does not contain general advises like “Eat Good food” “Maintain oral hygiene” etc which you already know. But instead, it contains some deep tested working methods that works on true people.

“I am blown away.. Got results so quickly and effeciently”

” I have tried the doctors and meds and nothing helped!! I was experiencing a really heavy foul plaque type of smell from my mouth and I was so beyond stressed and depressed even because it’s humiliating.

Then I got this ebook.

I was able to find identification with every sign! (I was in stage 3)

Then I tried to remove tonsil stones and it worked!!!. And immediately the extreme bad breath left!!! I literally felt overwhelmed with positive emotions because of to get results so quickly and effectively. It blew my mind.

Again thank you!!!. I am blown away!!

Jenaisse Baez, USA

Here are just a few of the secrets you're going to discover..

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I don’t know how bad your stones are... but I can guarantee that after using this system you will:

Listen, I have seen how much embarrassment and suffering this calcium based stone can cause, but I have also seen the joy and relief this all-natural remedy brought to countless people, making it a distant memory.

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