Beat tonsil stones eBook reviews – help or hoax?

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Beat tonsil stones eBook reviews:

The “Beat tonsil stones” eBook has a large number of methods for tackling tonsil stones, their formation and their effects. This book is written by Juliana McFadden, a long time victim of tonsil stones who has consulted a range of doctors to cure the syndrome and refuses to have surgery done for the matter.

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This guide is only available in eBook format and retails for $29.95. To begin with, we need to understand what tonsil stones are and what causes them. The tonsils are at the back of your throat and may develop small sacs if they get inflamed. These sacs are called crypts and essentially act as bags collecting bits of food, bacteria, dead cells, etc.

As these gather in larger quantities, white growths called tonsil stones form in the back of your throat. These are referred to as tonsillitis and have been known to grow as large as 42 grams! Tonsil stones occur in up to 10 % of the population.

Feeling like foreign objects lodged in your throat, tonsil stones cause aims to cure this condition without needing the traditional and invasive cures of surgery, irrigation or curettage.

Eliminate dairy products to beat tonsil stones:

avoid dairy foods tonsillitis, foods to avoid with tonsillitis, things to avoid eating with tonsillitis, foods to avoid tonsil stones, foods to avoid tonsillectomyThe ways of dealing with tonsil stones. Some of its suggestions include eliminating or minimizing dairy products in your diet. The point of this is that tonsil stones are mostly made of calcium which is abundant in these foods.

Best oral hygiene practices beat tonsil stones:

The book also tells us not to eat before sleeping, explaining that stagnant food particles in our mouth while we sleep contribute to the build-up of tonsil stones. It also suggests vigorous and constant oral hygiene measures; these include frequently brushing your teeth, flossing your gums after meals and using a tongue scraper to remove residual food from your tongue.

gargling mouthwash tonsil stones, gargling mouthwash tonsillitis, does gargling mouthwash help tonsillitis, does gargling mouthwash help tonsil stonesThe “Beat tonsil stones” eBook advocates the habit of gargling using warm salt-water as well as mouth wash for at least three minutes each day, usually in the mornings.

There is also a suggestion for home-made mouth wash that the author claims is particularly effective against tonsil stones. It includes a mixture of water, mouth rinse and hydrogen peroxide being used to gargle vigorously, ensuring that the tonsil areas are thorough washed with this mixture. Afterwards you should wash your mouth out with water.

sore throat, pain and bad breath. The “Beat tonsil stones” eBook reviews

Does Beat Tonsil Stones work?

The question remains about Beat tonsil stones does it work? We should remember that it only aims to lessen the effects of tonsil stones and slow down its onset and it has often been successful at this. It’s not, however, trying to cure it wholesale. In order to achieve that, you would have to undergo surgical procedures. These, other than being expensive are also quite invasive and painful.

Beat tonsil stones,Beat tonsil stones eBook reviews, eBook, reviews, does it workIt is theoretically possible to remove the tonsil stones yourself with a spoon but that is highly advised against. “Beat tonsil stones” eBook”, although the price is quite steep, is considered a helpful and worthwhile guide to purchase to help alleviate the embarrassing and uncomfortable effects of tonsil stones.


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